March 25 2011 Table of Contents

At the Movies Taylor's Tunes At the Movies

The other day, my boss was giving me a ride home and we started talking about “The Godfather.” Read more

A Link in the Chain Editor's Note A Link in the Chain

It’s crucial that business owners watch over their companies with the single-minded focus of a chain-saw juggler. Read more

Facing the Future Service Facing the Future

The rise of online retail leaves Todd Joyce with mixed feelings Read more

Extending a Hand Service Extending a Hand

When I realized how many more accounts I could be getting if I worked with the Internet retailers, I decided to take the initiative and try networking with some of them. Read more

Painting a Picture Design/Construction Painting a Picture

When a designer presents a concept to homeowners, the clients must try to visualize a backyard that doesn’t yet exist Read more

Choosing the Right Art Design/Construction Choosing the Right Art

When it comes to artwork, designers hold a variety of preferences. Some use three-dimensional drawing software while others prefer to create a perspective rendering Read more

Made in China Spa Smart Made in China

Arlene Stachel, co-owner of Mt. Lake Pool & Patio in Doylestown, Pa., regularly purchases large containers of outdoor furniture from China Read more

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