June 10 2011 Table of Contents

Pay Pals? Schechner's Sports Stop Pay Pals?

You’ve gotta hand it to Steve Spurrier. Read more

A Force of Nature Technology A Force of Nature

“Philanthropy is almost the only virtue which is sufficiently appreciated by mankind,” wrote the philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Read more

A Death on Taconic Road Editor's Note A Death on Taconic Road

When most of us think of a homicide, images of plaster, rebar and a pool pump don’t typically come to mind. Read more

APSP Model Code Reaches Major Signpost Industry News APSP Model Code Reaches Major Signpost

A new model code being developed by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals and the International Code Council has passed the first of two sets of hearings. Read more

Barrington Pools Exonerated Industry News Barrington Pools Exonerated

After a two-day trial, one of Chicagoland’s premier pool builders was found not guilty of illegally dumping hazardous chemicals. Read more

Safety Groups: Drownings Underreported Industry News Safety Groups: Drownings Underreported

As a result of ongoing concerns regarding the underreporting of drownings in metropolitan areas, safety groups across the country are taking action. Read more

Longtime Florida Builder Closes Doors Industry News Longtime Florida Builder Closes Doors

After 30 years in business, a North Florida pool builder has closed its doors. Read more

CPSC Issues Massive Drain Cover Recall Industry News CPSC Issues Massive Drain Cover Recall

Editor's Note: Pool & Spa News will continue to update this story as it develops. Please check back regularly for updates. Read more

Replacement Parts Outpace Repairs Industry News Replacement Parts Outpace Repairs

Sales of new pool equipment are on the rise this spring as manycustomers who ordered repairs in previous seasons are now making the leap into new purchases. Read more

Sandals Resorts Sued for Entrapment Industry News Sandals Resorts Sued for Entrapment

Surviving relatives of an entrapment victim have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Sandals Resorts International and several manufacturers. Read more

Not Always a Man’s World Spa Smart Not Always a Man’s World

Mom-and-pop stores have been the cornerstone of the pool and spa retail business for decades. Read more

Sizing Salt Chlorinators Technically Speaking Sizing Salt Chlorinators

While electrolytic chlorine generators (ECGs) for residential pools have traditionally been sized by pool volume, ECGs for commercial pools take bather load into account. Read more

Testing the Tests Service Testing the Tests

Every service technician has a preferred method for testing pool water — whether it’s test strips, a titration kit or some combination of each. Read more

Electronic Analysis Service Electronic Analysis

Electronic oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and pH meters can provide precise numeric measurements. Still, these devices are subject to their own types of errors. Read more

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