May 14 2010 Table of Contents

The 90-9-1 Principle Technology The 90-9-1 Principle

Here’s a surprising statistic:Wikipedia, that most well-known of wikis, contains more than 3 million English-language articles. Read more

Wiki the Easy Way Technology Wiki the Easy Way

“Are you the type of person who dives right in when trying something new? Or are you someone who hangs back to see if a new idea floats before taking the plunge? Read more

Editor's Note Honoring Innovation

The April 15 issue of Business Week featured a list of the 50 most innovative companies as determined by an independent firm, Boston Consulting Group. Read more

Arizona Rolls Out Rebates for Eco-Friendly Pumps Industry News Arizona Rolls Out Rebates for Eco-Friendly Pumps

A new program launched by Arizona Public Service Energy is offering rebates for energy-efficient pool pumps. Read more

Slow and Pricey Permit Process a Sign of the Times Industry News Slow and Pricey Permit Process a Sign of the Times

These days, it’s easier for Art Allen just to level with his customers. Read more

Premier Pools Begins Licensing Industry News Premier Pools Begins Licensing

One of the nation’s largest pool builders is expanding into a new business model. Read more

Industry News States Unlikely to Meet VGB Grant Requirements

With less than a month left to apply, it appears few, if any, states will be eligible for federal grant money under the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. Read more

Taking on the Internet Retailing Taking on the Internet

Late last year, members of the Northeast Spa and Pool Association formed a task force to develop ways to support brick-and-mortar stores as they square off against the Internet. Read more

A Salty Start Technically Speaking A Salty Start

The initial steps in opening a saltwater pool are very similar to traditional pools, but a few key stages are critical to ensure the right start for the summer. Read more

From All Angles In These Times From All Angles

The economic crisis is a serious matter, but many still find time for gallows humor. Read more

5 Ways to Wiki at Work Technology 5 Ways to Wiki at Work

“Sure, wikis are an interesting way to look up facts and figures. Read more

Small, But Powerful Technology Small, But Powerful

“Mobile technology has redefined how we live and work, with Apple’s iPod and iPhone breaking new ground. Read more

Deep Waters Technology Deep Waters

“While we read history, we make history.” Read more

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