April 30 2010 Table of Contents

Peak Performers Peak Performers

Automatic pool cleaners are valuable assistants to many service technicians (and their aching backs) Read more

A New Face Editor's Note A New Face

When our technical writer, John Miles, gave notice at the end of last year I was horrified. John was an incredible employee and equally wonderful human being. Read more

Technology Getting on the List

John De Luna used Craig’s List in the past to sell various household items — computers, printers or anything else he was inclined to swap for cash. Read more

A Life-Changer People A Life-Changer

Richard Stevens didn’t know that a 1995 stay at a Holiday Inn would be the catalyst for a new chapter in his life. Read more

Set in Place Repair Set in Place

It’s that time. The pool or spa filter has done a dutiful job, but it’s run its course and now must be replaced. Read more

Voice of the Industry Everything to Everyone

In this economy, it’s especially hard to say no to an interested consumer. Read more

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