August 14 2009 Table of Contents

Putting on a New Hat Business Putting on a New Hat

Tim Murphy didn’t ask for a new job, but the economy gave him one. Read more

Residential Specialty Trade Contractor Employment Business Residential Specialty Trade Contractor Employment

The construction boom of the early 2000s created a historically tight labor market. Specialty tradespeople, including tile setters, masons and electricians, had more work than they could handle. Read more

Art and Architecture Close Up: Specialty Decking Art and Architecture

In a push to come up with evermore creative backyard designs, many builders are mixing and matching multiple surfacing products to great effect. Read more

Making an Impact Close Up: Specialty Decking Making an Impact

Certain applications call out for different surfacing materials. Here are just a few places where multiple materials will heighten the look and/or function of the poolscape. Read more

A Test of Endurance Construction A Test of Endurance

Proper execution is all about learning from experience. You may have to burn the tongue a few times before enjoying a taste of success. The design process on this fiberglass poolscape was no exception. Read more

Project Pictorial Construction Project Pictorial

The leading edge of the pool cover was tinted black for two reasons — to blend in with the overall color scheme of the aquascape, as well as to appear transparent. Read more

Feeding Frenzy Editor's Note Feeding Frenzy

The way Americans perceive suction entrapment is changing rapidly. Read more

The New Bully In These Times The New Bully

To say that some homeowners have become brazen in this economy is an understatement. Read more

Solving Stains Technically Speaking Solving Stains

Salt chlorine pools have become popular over the past few years. Read more

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