November 2008 Table of Contents

Don’t let the loss of a key employee harm your business. Don’t let the loss of a key employee harm your business.

Many spa and pool retailers are blessed with close-knit staffs. Read more

Don’t lose valuable information when your employee leaves. Don’t lose valuable information when your employee leaves.

For many mid-sized and smaller retailers, the owner and one or two other key people seem to know everything. Read more

What to do if someone leaves suddenly. What to do if someone leaves suddenly.

If one of your best employees gives notice and it’s a complete surprise, some examination is in order, says Vince Crew, author of Keeping the Very Best (Lighthouse CCUNIV Publications Ltd., 2003) and owner of REACH Development Services, a consulting firm Read more

Housing Starts Still Slipping Housing Starts Still Slipping

Total housing starts continued to fall in September to a seasonally adjusted 817,000. While a 1.6 percent decrease was expected, new construction actually plummeted 6.3 percent. Read more

Small-Business Optimism Creeps Upward Small-Business Optimism Creeps Upward

The Small-Business Optimism Index read-ing for September was 92.9, the second consecutive monthly increase Read more

BioLab Launches Franchising

The launch of the BioLab franchise will enable entrepreneurs to open pool, spa and backyard stores under the “wknd.” brand. Read more

Chemical Prices Continue to Climb

After a series of price hikes in July, pool and spa chemical manufacturers raised prices again in October, citing higher raw material costs. Read more

Economic Outlook

The current economic crisis has been described as “unprecedented” and “historic.” Here, industry leaders weigh in, offering their own assessments of the situation and a few recommendations. Read more

PIE Celebrates 22nd Anniversary

The Pool Industry Expo held its 22nd edition in Monterey, Calif., Oct. 2-4. Read more

PoolCorp Conference Addresses Market Downturn

Last month, approximately 800 employees gathered for the second annual PoolCorp National Sales Conference and Trade Show in Dallas. Read more

An Industry Leader’s Take on the Economy

Challenging economic conditions have industry leaders pondering the current state of affairs and where the nation is headed. Manuel J. Perez de la Mesa, president/CEO of distributor giant PoolCorp in Covington, La., offers some insights. Read more

Texas Prepares for Market Slowdown

The Texas pool and spa market — once an area of relative strength — has seen new construction drop or even evaporate since the financial crisis began in late summer. Read more

Playing It Safe Design/Construction Playing It Safe

Pool safety is, of course, a huge concern throughout the industry. Read more

Rethinking the Cure Design/Construction Rethinking the Cure

Ideally, homeowners would stay far away from an aquascape under construction. Read more

Squeeze Play Squeeze Play

Picture opposite ends of a pulley, where one side rises while the other falls. Read more

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