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How to Prevent Chlorine Gas Incidents in Automatically Fed Swimming Pools

Learn about this specific chemical-mixing hazard in automatically fed pools — and... More

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MAHC Committee Recommends New CYA Approach

The committee now recommends that CYA levels be determined by calculating the... More

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How to Understand the Latest CDC Warnings About Waterborne Illnesses

What you need to know and how you can make pools safer. More

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The Finer Points of Water Treatment

An expert clears up some misunderstood aspects of pool sanitization. More

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Addressing the Nutgrass Problem Around Swimming Pools

Take a look at how this nuisance grows and a proposed remedy. More

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3 Pool Sanitizing Myths to Retire

Is it time to rethink UV light or ozone as secondary sanitizers? More

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Those Pesky, Pesky Keys

Pool pros unlock the secrets of keeping them organized or forgoing them altogether. More

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Welcome to the Safer, Cleaner Swimming Pool of 2018

It’s surprising how far pool sanitizer systems have come in the last 10 years. More


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