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When and How to Shock a Pool – Including Salt Generated Pools

All pools need a weekly treatment to remove buildup of byproducts, bacteria,... More

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See the Latest Update on Rick Chafey's Backyard Waterpark

The main components are nearing completion in this extraordinary backyard... More

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Preparing Your Pool and Spa Company for the Next Phase

Whether you want to sell your pool and spa company, partner with an investor or... More

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See How Red Rock Pools & Spas' Backyard Waterpark is Progressing

Rounding out its second year in production and with more than 1,000 design hours... More

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Doing A-B Measurements for the Pool? There’s an App for That.

Here’s how pool builders can save weeks of remeasuring and headaches with... More

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Of Falls and Flame: Mastering Water and Fire Features

Designers explain how to avoid some of the most common mistakes made on... More

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Installing Weld-in-Place Liners

An overview of the process and techniques used for a successful weld-in-place... More

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Protecting Shallow Features in Clay Soil

Beach entries, sun shelves and other shallow features are especially vulnerable to... More

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An Argument for Higher-Strength Concrete

Why the pool/spa industry should require higher-strength shotcrete and gunite in... More

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The Ins and Outs of Rain Curtains

Rain curtains provide a versatile way to add drama and sound to a backyard. Follow... More


Technically Speaking

The Finer Points of Water Treatment

An expert clears up some misunderstood aspects of pool sanitization.

Addressing the Nutgrass Problem Around Swimming Pools

Take a look at how this nuisance grows and a proposed remedy.

The Efficiency Equation for Heat-Pump Swimming Pool Heaters

Regulators have put a new system in place for measuring a heat-pump pool heater’s...

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