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Florida Issues Ruling on Electrical Question

While the direction takes effect this week, some questions need to be squared away. More

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How to Keep Every Pool Safe with Proper Water Bonding

Are you sure every pool you build is properly water bonded? Learn about new tools... More

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How to Track Down Electrical Dangers in Hot Tubs

A healthy dose of intuition and some analytical ability often go a long way in... More

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Florida Considers Restricting Ability to Perform Electrical Work

On the heels of multiple electrical incidents, a state agency may decide licensed... More

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National Electrical Code Undergoes Update

New language regarding pool and spa lifts and low-voltage cover motors highlight... More

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North Carolina Teen Dies in Pool Electrocution

Labor Day weekend ended in tragedy after a 17-year-old North Raleigh, NC lifeguard... More

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Memorial Holiday Brings Dual Pool Shocks

The non-fatal incidents mark at least the second and third this spring. More

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Preventing Shock in Swimming Pools

A recent pool electrocution began a discussion about the safety of traditional... More

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New Pool Light Laws Passed in Florida

If pool lights are used, the codes say, then they must be low-voltage. More

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Opinion: Ending Pool Shock

The Asociated Swimming Pool Industries of Florida speaks out on pool shocking More

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