• Best practices: This waterfeature exhibits natural-appearing surfaces and flow. Water moves between stones and through apparently eroded pathways.

    Special Features

    Grottos, waterfeatures, seating and planter pockets require special attention to be functional and appear natural

  • Best practices: The desired effect is to differentiate individual specimens. Notice how the waterline rocks are distinct and dont sit flush with one another.


    When installing artificial rock, professionals must ensure that every rock formation is realistic, compelling and intuitive

  • Best practices: The rockwork here features grain cracks that essentially run parallel and are not overly uniform.


    When expertly administered, cracks add a powerful sense of motion and degradation to artificial rock formations

  • Best practices: This rockwork, by diGiacomo Inc., shows excellent shading, with mineral staining and wear depicted. The shading was applied vertically because rainwater would fall down the formation, carrying minerals and dirt with it.


    A successful project uses realistic staining, shadow and highlights to convey a powerful sense of aging

  • Rock Solid Principles

    Artificial rock artists share their techniques for forming, cracking and coloring the product for ultimate realism

  • Catch Some Rays

    Splash-A-Round Pools' new NOAIR solar hear square is designed to warm the water and reduce evaporation and chemical loss

  • Made to Measure

    The PoolMan Scoop is designed to provide accurate weight-to-volume conversions for commonly used granular pool chemicals

  • It’s a Snap

    Replace escutcheons without removing existing rails with Allied Innovations' new Snap-Tite escutcheon


    Rock On

    The art and science of artificial rock

  • Trade Wars

    Pool and spa firms wade through a complicated market for chlorine products

  • Dressing Up the Spa

    Consumers enjoy hot tubs more with the right enhancements

  • Selling Salt

    Chemical manufacturers and retailers are increasingly catering to saltwater pool owners

  • Pool and Spa Retail Stores on the Rise

    Optimistic business owners are reaching into new markets

  • Sunny outlook: Tropical Breeze Pools representative Tabitha Rox poses with a service truck. The Orlando firm plans to franchise, first in Florida and then expand into neighboring states.

    Florida Firm: Out with Commercial, in with Franchise

    The franchise model continues to gain momentum in the pool service industry

  • Retail Cybersecurity an Increasing Concern

    Ever since the breach of Target's system in December, protecting consumer data from cybercriminals has become a hot topic

  • Floating Pool Sees New Phase

    Designers of the much-publicized +Pool now are testing a proposed filtration system

  • Summer Causes Customer Excitement, Sales

    An unusually harsh winter has created pent-up demand for backyard products