• Easy Does It

    DEBRIS Z is a new quick-release skimmer basket designed to easily empty waste matter with a touch of a button

  • Field Master

    Field Service Professional Training shows how to effectively perform routine maintenance on pools and spas

  • All Clear

    Freshen Up is designed to destroy a variety of contaminants

  • Jim Mock

    NSPF Adds Board Member

    The Board of Directors for NSPF has elected Jim Mock as its newest board member

  • Haviland Promotes Daly

    Haviland Pool & Spa Products, a chemical manufacturer, has promoted Misti Daly to customer service manager

  • Debra Haase

    Cardinal Systems Makes Organizational Changes

    Cardinal Systems, a maker of steel and polymer ingound pool wals and components, has appointed two new directors

  • The Solution

    A mystical Judaic concept rings true in business and in life.

  • Australian swim coach Laurie Lawrence was part of a research project that

surveyed 10,000 swimming students throughout  Australia over four years to determine whether swimming aids children's cognitive physical and emotion development.

    Study Finds Swimming Grows Minds

    According to Australian researchers, kids who swim are ahead of the curve

  • Hearth Interest Increases With Propane Shortage

    The propane shortage in the Northeast, Midwest and South is driving more customers to the hearth complement business of pool & spa retailers, but it won't affect pool season

  • Game Table Sales Strengthen

    With the housing industry bouncing back, more homeowners are planning their homes with a billiards, shuffleboard or foosball table in mind

  • Cal Spas Celebrates Dealer Summit at Disney

    More than 300 people gathered at the Disney Grand Californian Hotel in Anaheim, Calif., to attend Cal Spas' 2014 Dealer Summit in January

  • Getting the most 

from chlorine: This table shows the ionization of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) at different pH values. At a pH of 7.0, 76 percent of the chlorine is in its active, killing form (HOCl). The rest has ionized into the inactive form (OCl-). 

As the pH rises, less and less of the measured quantity (ppm) of chlorine in this pool is actually available to do work. At a pH of 7.8, only 32 percent of the chlorine is working. 

Its important for pool operators to have a firm grasp of this and understand that, in general, maintaining pH toward the bottom of the local code will optimize the effectiveness of chlorine and, correspondingly, ORP.

    Solving the Saltwater pH Problem

    Maintaining proper pH balance is tricky. What's the solution? Here's a hint: You're breathing it.

  • Dues and Don’ts

    For service technicians, when payments are past due, don't overextend yourself to collect

  • New Captain at the Helm

    Getting to know Rich Gottwald, president/CEO of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals

  • Head for the Beach

    The Western Pool & Spa Show returns to Long Beach, Calif., March 13-15, 2014

  • Seminar Central

    The 2014 WPSS offers seminars covering a broad spectrum of subjects of interest to pool and spa professionals

  • Going Commercial

    In making the transition from residential to commercial projects, too many contractors apply old methods

  • Management team: Klapprodt Pools, a builder in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, is run by 

Josh Klapprodt, Chad Poynter and Jeremy Klapprodt (L-R).

    A Texas Tale

    The Klapprodt brothers are part of a new generation of pool professionals

  • Swim Ponds Present Safety Concerns

    Industry takes issue with landscapers claiming ponds are safe for swimming

  • USA Swimming Report Released

    A study commissioned by swimming's governing body evaluates its effectiveness at preventing child sexual abuse

  • Atlantic City Show Remains Steady

    The Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show reports strong attendance and a new name

  • Dream builders: Hayward CEO Robert Davis (far right, back) and his sales team celebrate their team-building efforts. Thirty bicycles were built and presented to a childrens organization in Chicago.

    Hayward Builds Bikes for Charity, Announces Arizona Contest

    At Hayward's recently held global sales meeting in Itasca, Ill., attendees built bicycles for a children's organization