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    Circulation from the Inside

    Pool builders can make large gains in energy efficiency with relatively small changes, including the placement of return fittings.

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    A Specialty Inlet

    For Skip Phillips, suction and return fittings not only were laced with safety and sanitation concerns, but he also didn’t like the way they interfered with the sleek look of his vessels.

  • Erika Taylor


    Awhile back I wrote a column about sleazy contractors who do substandard work.

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    CPSC Swim Safely Campaign Looks Ahead

    With the 2012 swim season behind them, officials at one leading drowning prevention effort are looking ahead.

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    Pool Firms Watch Out for West Nile

    This summer, the lowly mosquito has become downright worrisome for pool firms and health departments alike, especially in Texas, thanks to an epidemic of West Nile virus.

  • ‘Lifeguards Gone Wild’ Video Gets 14 Fired

    At least a dozen California lifeguards are receiving more attention than they anticipated, and so is their employer, the city of El Monte, Calif.

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    PoolCorp and ‘Big 3’ Named in Lawsuit

    Megadistributor PoolCorp and the manufacturers known in the industry as “The Big Three” are being accused of anti-competitive activity in a lawsuit that the plaintiffs are hoping will gain class action status.

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    Another Acquisition for Neptune-Benson

    Neptune-Benson, a producer of commercial aquatic filtration systems, has purchased Engineered Treatment Systems for an undisclosed sum.

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    Consumers Face Online Sales Tax in Key States

    As a taste of what’s to come for online consumers, California and Pennsylvania now are requiring that sales tax be charged on Internet purchases made by shoppers living in these states.

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    Landmark Reopens After Major Makeover

    The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool has received a much-needed face-lift. After two years of reconstruction, the historic landmark reopened to the public on Aug. 31.

  • Diamonds in the Rough

    In 2010, Rick Colosimo had a problem. The recession had cut his spa business to a fraction of what it had been a few years previously.