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    Confronting the Industry’s ‘Blind Spot’

    “Every Child A Swimmer.”

  • Erika Taylor

    Cupping the Light

    During this past Atlantic City show, I was in a souvenir shop when a Christmas tree ornament caught my eye. It was a small mouse wearing a Santa hat and holding a sign that read, “Be Merry.”

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    A Proactive Approach

    The question of regulation for the pool and spa industry comes up again and again, and I think it will continue to do so until we get it right.

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    Arizona Pump Law Poised for Repeal

    A controversial piece of energy legislation is on its way to being scrapped after less than two months on the books.

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    Energy Star Program Embraces Pumps

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is planning to assign the well-known Energy Star designation to qualifying pool pumps.

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    New Energy Requirements Worry Florida Builders

    Some of Florida’s top pool builders are concerned about the potential impact of new statewide energy requirements.

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    Hayward and Maytronics Cease Acquisition Talks

    Pool product giant Hayward Industries and Israeli pool-cleaner manufacturer Maytronics Ltd. have stopped exploring the possibility of a merger agreement.

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    IRS Tightens Retail Reporting Rules

    New requirements imposed by the Internal Revenue Service this year have pool retailers checking their books with extra care.

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    New CEO to Lead SeaKlear

    Martin Coles has helped develop worldwide megabrands Nike and Pepsi.

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    Congress Eases Up on Residential VGB Act

    The federal government has removed existing pools from its residential language for the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.

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    On the Outside

    Incorporating outdoor products such as gazebos, furniture and barbecues can boost revenue for pool and spa professionals.

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    Scale Tales

    Even a well-scrubbed pool can fall victim to metal or mineral deposits every so often.

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    Scale and Encrustation

    In practical terms, there isn’t much difference between scale and encrustation — service technicians use both terms to refer to calcium-based buildup on pool surfaces and equipment.

  • Tracking Down Leaks

    Back in the old days, leak detection hinged on a good eye and a syringe of dye.

  • Photo courtesy Hot Springs Pools & Spas

    Double Coverage

    When Boomer Esiason has trouble with one of his hot tubs, the ex-Cincinnati Bengals quarterback calls on his old roommate Jim Riggs for a quick refresher.