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    Instead of an official theme this year, organizers of the Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show decided to go high-tech.

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    United They Stand

    A little over three years ago, Connecticut was preparing to adopt new energy regulations

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    Top 50 Pool Builder to Head South

    The co-owner of a prominent pool firm is taking his family’s good name from Phoenix to Music City, USA

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    Rentals Help Sustain Pool and Spa Firms

    For pool and spa dealers, orange and white have become the new colors of money

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    Watkins Acquires American Hydrotherapy Systems

    A leading hot tub maker has purchased the assets of another spa manufacturer

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    Companies Explore New Technology in Winter Downtime

    Pool professionals in all niches of the industry are using the winter months to regroup, re-brand, and prepare for a productive swim season in the spring

  • Calcium Phosphate Scale

    Though calcium phosphate scale is a newly discovered problem for the swimming pool industry, it has long been recognized in the boiler industry, where the practice of using polyphosphonates to control calcium carbonate scale is often used.

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    Writing the Rules

    In 2005, a pool builder in Tampa, Fla., was shut down by state inspectors who claimed the subcontractors on one of his job sites were not properly licensed

  • Erika Taylor

    What Are You Afraid Of?

    Awhile back, I was chatting with a hot tub retailer who mentioned that the spa industry does virtually no marketing to the gay and lesbian community

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    Layering Effect

    Landscape designs are three-dimensional spaces, so in order for them to feel right, the foreground, middle ground and visual termination point must be utilized properly

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    In the Minority

    Two years ago, Paul Alfano decided to rethink some of his marketing strategies.

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    On the Rise

    Hispanics make up the second-largest ethnic group in the nation, exceeding 50 million people and accounting for 16.3 percent of the population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau

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    Mid-America Show Changes Venues

    After a decade in St. Charles, Ill., the Mid-America Pool & Spa Show will be at a new venue in 2012

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    Master Pools Celebrates Golden Anniversary

    Next year will mark 50 years since the inception of the Master Pools Guild, and the group has a slew of activities to commemorate the occasion

  • Northeast Licensing Laws Move Forward

    The Northeast is continuing its movement toward industry-specific licensing with the introduction of a new state bill

  • Safety Solutions

    It’s no secret that the pool business is built on fun — if people didn’t love playing in the water, there would be no need for pool builders, service technicians and the thousands of others this industry employs

  • The Most Important Protection

    Fences, gates and covers can all be useful safety precautions — but they’re most effective when the homeowner deploys and maintains them in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations