• Tracing Cleaner Issues

    Though it would be nice if customers always had specific, accurate reasons for service calls, that isn’t always the case.

  • Robot Regimen

    Many robotic cleaners are more energy-efficient than their suction-side or pressure-side cousins — but even the most cutting-edge efficiency can sometimes be hampered by mechanical and electrical problems.

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    Upping the Ante

    There’s a lot of talk about how the economy, consumer attitudes and the Internet have put added pressure on industry professionals.

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    Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

    In the last issue of Pool & Spa News, we reported on two California bills that would levy taxes on a slew of services, pool care among them.

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    Website Evolution

    Websites are becoming increasingly important in every industry, and the pool and spa business is no different.

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    What’s the Deal

    When Michael Small offered a discount through Groupon.com last summer, he was hoping to increase sales of patio furniture as well as generate business for his new store in Natick, Mass.

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    Integrated Marketing

    For 20 years, Elite Pools & Spas has built and maintained pools and spas around Houston.

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    To Hire or Not to Hire?

    Before engaging in a comprehensive online-marketing campaign, it’s important to take stock of your resources.

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    New ADA Bill Introduced

    Pool accessibility has become a hot topic in Washington, D.C.

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    David Tisherman Aligns With New Program

    A new pool and spa design school will launch in May, with former Genesis 3 principal David Tisherman playing a key role.

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    CPSC Approves Unblockable Extension

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission is extending by one year the deadline for retrofitting unblockable drains in public pools.

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    Longtime Retailer Thriving Under New Business Model

    Dave Cintorino has experienced more than his share of peaks and valleys.

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    Pool & Spa News Wins Coveted Award

    An in-depth feature article on the design, standards and controversy surrounding pool suction-outlet covers has won the 2012 Jesse H. Neal Award, widely considered the Pulitzer Prize of business media.

  • Pentair Buys Brazilian Manufacturer

    Pentair Inc. has acquired a leading Brazilian vinyl-liner manufacturing and distribution company.

  • Industry Retailers Return and Reopen

    Many pool and spa store owners who closed shop during the economic downturn are returning to their home turfs and reopening for business.

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    New Tactics Used Against CPSC Ruling

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission is drawing closer to finalizing a deadline for unblockable-drain retrofits, while some in the industry try to work around the requirements in new ways.

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    Social Media Explosion

    Until 2011, Dolphin Pools & Spas in Phoenix relied heavily on print ads and used very little social media.