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    Chrissan’s Classics

    For this edition of Taylor’s Tunes, I’m stepping off my musical soapbox and passing the baton to Bryan Chrissan, owner of Clear Valley Pool and Spa Service & Repair in Temecula, Calif.

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    Career Choices

    Nine billion dollars.

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    Shooting for Strength

    The year 2010 marked a century since the process of pneumatically applying concrete was developed.

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    Shotcrete 101

    The argument over shotcrete and gunite  strength hinges on what kind of mix should be used

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    The Price Isn’t Right

    A hot tub is not just a hot tub when it comes to deciding what it should cost consumers

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    Stain-Free Salt Chlorination

    Staining of cementitious surfaces is a problem in traditional and salt water pools

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    Rough & Ready

    The pool service business uses specialized tools from custom wrenches to unique plumbing parts.

  • Photo courtesy Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Western Pool & Spa Show: Back to Basics

    If hanging out with friends and colleagues in a sun-drenched city by the sea sounds appealing, you’ll want to attend the Western Pool & Spa Show in Long Beach, Calif., this month.

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    We Are So Lucky

    Recently, my son and I visited my uncle, who showed us a family heirloom that is literally priceless.