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    Hoop Dreaming, Linguistics and Love Gone South

    In lieu of a column praising the government’s two-day prosecution of Roger Clemens (best mistrial since Britney Spears’ driving-without a license case in ’08), I give you scattered thoughts…

  • Erika Taylor

    Pure Chemistry

    I hated chemistry in high school and college.

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    Tight Credit Halts Pools Midstream

    A growing number of prospective residential pool buyers are dropping out of project negotiations during the drafting stages as their search for financing comes up dry.

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    Recall Enforcement Raises Questions

    It’s been nearly two months since the industry’s largest-ever product recall, and enforcement remains uncertain.

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    Energy Auditing Course to Launch

    Pool and spa professionals now can become certified to perform energy audits.

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    Hayward/AquaStar Lawsuit Settled

    A lawsuit filed by Hayward Industries against AquaStar Pool Products has been settled.

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    Internet Retailers Expand, Offer More Options

    Internet sales are grabbing an ever-increasing percentage of pool and spa industry market share.

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    Saline Solutions

    There’s plenty to admire about this cliff-dwelling house off the Southern California coast.

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    Saturation Calculation

    Whether the job involves starting up a brand-new plaster pool or maintaining chemistry in an old fiberglass vessel, pool professionals know that a proper understanding of water balance is essential.

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    The New Spa Shopper

    It’s no secret that new technologies and an uncertain economy have caused stark changes in the way consumers buy hot tubs.