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    Scams, Spuds and a Flock of Sheep

    In lieu of a column on whether attempting to bunt during an opposing pitcher’s no-hit bid constitutes bad etiquette, I give you scattered thoughts…

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    Desert Drama

    This Phoenix-area townhouse sat on a golf course and had little space in the backyard. But, as is so often the case, the homeowners still wanted a lot of bells and whistles.

  • Erika Taylor

    Living Dangerously

    Recently, I read an article in The New York Times that, though it had nothing to do with pools or spas, made me think of some of our products. More importantly, it made me optimistic.

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    Customers Pursue Automation Upgrades

    Builders and service technicians report that upscale clients are actively seeking more advanced automation options, while middle-class consumers are becoming excited about entry-level control systems.

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    Manufacturers Require Additional Water Balance Index

    When Cynthia Wilson noticed a persistent leak in a commercial heater she’d been servicing, she did what any pool service technician would do — called the manufacturer to request fulfillment of the warranty.

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    Retailers Applaud Capping of Debit Card Fees

    Retailers frustrated by rising fees from debit card transactions can look forward to a bit of relief in the fall.

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    Economic Recovery Slower Than Anticipated

    Continuing economic troubles coupled with bad weather in the Eastern half of the nation have kept the industry from seeing the turnaround it had hoped for this season.

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    Retailers Laud Online Sales Tax

    Pool and spa retailers across California are praising a new law aimed at promoting equality with online merchants and pulling in revenue for the state.

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    Spa Masters

    Paragon Pools, Las Vegas

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    Avoiding Faulty Readings

    Inaccurate test results are not always the fault of the water-testing equipment.