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    Bad Boys, Bad Boys...

    I may have stumbled across the most compelling reason yet to end the current labor dispute between NFL players and owners.

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    CPSC Considers Drain Cover Recall

    What began as a complaint against one testing laboratory has grown into a full-scale investigation of virtually every drain cover on the market.

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    Proposed State Law Divides Industry

    Industry professionals in Florida are split over a proposed safety law targeting commercial pools and spas.

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    Leslie’s Expands in Key States

    Leslie’s Poolmart earlier this month began the first stage of its 2011 expansion efforts with the official grand openings of new stores in key states such as Arizona, California, Florida and Texas, as well as other regions.

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    Plastics Manufacturers Feel Petroleum Pinch

    The rising cost of petroleum is making its impact felt throughout many pool and spa manufacturing segments.

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    Must Love Spas

    Jerry Pasley didn’t know much about hot tubs until he bought one for his young family to enjoy in 1986.

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    Virtual Education

    Pool and spa businesses have been buffeted by the economy, and while there are signs of a recovery, it’s not going to turn around overnight.

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    Getting Audited

    How much continuing education did you receive in 2010? If the answer isn’t what you’d like, you’ll soon have the chance to improve it.

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    A Fine Balance

    In today’s pool industry, every dig is critical. But in trying to get that signature on the dotted line, some sales professionals will push the limits of what they can promise and at what price.

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    Clever Cleaning:One

    Every pool needs to be cleaned regularly, and for most pools, that means bringing in an automatic cleaner.

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    Clever Cleaning:Two

    Automatic cleaners come in almost every shape and size, and run the gamut from simple suction and pressure devices to smart robots with advanced sensory equipment.

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    Art of Reinvention

    For William Churchman, running an efficient operation begins with a philosophy.

  • Erika Taylor

    Tired and Hungry

    As many of you know, the next edition of Pool & Spa News is our 50th Anniversary Issue, and we’ve all been working overtime preparing for it.

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    Connecticut Licensing Bill Introduced

    A bill has been introduced in the Connecticut legislature that, if passed, would require pool and spa builders to obtain a construction license specific to the profession.