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    Drain Covers Revisited

    The lobbying — in the media and behind closed doors — to alter CPSC’s newest definition of unblockable drain may have had an impact.

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    Inflatable Pool Rules Causing Backlash for Industry

    A surge in regulations governing inflatable pools has industry retailers concerned.

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    Longtime Executive Director Leaves UPSA

    For the first time in seven years, Jim Manning won’t be leading the way for the United Pool & Spa Association.

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    Florida Gives Boost to VGB in Backyards

    Industry advocates in Florida may have figured out how to apply elements of a federal safety law to existing backyard pools

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    A Slice of the PIE

    Monterey and John Steinbeck are synonymous, but this Northern California coastal town has harbored other famous residents, too.

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    Twisted Topic

    The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act is going on three years old, but questions still persist.

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    The Answers

    So which pools are affected by the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act?

  • Javier Payan

    Business Tip

    People seek out certain characteristics in a pool company ... a low price, good workmanship and strong customer service.

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    Cyanuric Confusion

    Bill Peck has been adding cyanuric acid to pools for decades; but in the past few years he’s noticed a change.

  • Brian Caudle

    Field-Tested Tips

    When a homeowner calls with a complaint that his or her heater is not working, the cause could be a number of issues.

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    Automation Advantages

    It wasn’t so long ago that the word “automated” referred mainly to cleaners and chemical monitors.

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    Borate Chemistry

    Borates are found throughout nature, and are refined for a variety of diverse applications.

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    Builder, Designer, Mediator

    Scott Cohen wasn’t optimistic.

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    Take My Wife, Please

    If selling was easy, everyone would do it.

  • In the Media

    Pools have been taking a beating in the press lately. Whether it’s a particularly tragic drowning, VGB publicity or just a random rant, there have been a number of reports denigrating the product and, in some cases, the industry as well. (See our story.)

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    Major Pool Firm Shuts Its Doors

    One of the nation’s largest pool builders abruptly ceased operations last month, spurring intensive press coverage and an investigation by the state licensing board.

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    Drain Cover Report Leaked to ABC News

    An ABC News story claiming that four popular VGB-approved drain covers were unsafe caused some to suspect that competing forces improperly leaked preliminary information.

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    Industry Groups Spur Education Legislation

    Pool industry groups are joining together in Texas to push for new safety legislation.

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    Grid Proponents Fail to Alter NEC

    Code officials have rejected the latest attempt to require full copper wire grids beneath certain pool and spa decking and perimeter surfaces.

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    IPSPE Spotlights Education

    The 2010 International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo is offering some exciting new events this year, while already popular ones have been expanded.

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    Has the Industry Gotten Too Lean?

    After placing her order with a longtime vendor in May, Brenda Murr finally received her shipment of patio furniture in mid-July.

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    Media Slams Industry

    The battle over terms in the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act, as well as two highly publicized, particularly tragic drownings, has spurred a wave of negative press.

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    Payment Plan

    Industry members are reporting a rise in the number of clients who fall behind in their payments, with the service segment being the most affected.