• Bryan Chrissan

    Preventing Heat Damage

    On a manual pool and spa system with valves (i.e., one with no automation), when most owners want to use the spa, they will turn the suction and return valves over from ‘pool’ to ‘spa,’ and flip on the heater.

  • Be an Advocate

    I’ve just entered the most intimidating, stressful, expensive and overwhelming period of being a parent.

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    The State(s) of Licensing

    Brian Kelly knew the Florida Commercial Pool and Spa Exam wouldn’t be easy.

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    Vegas Favorites

    There are few cities in the United States that can boast the sheer number of casinos, shows, museums, restaurants, and shopping and entertainment venues in such a compact area as Las Vegas.

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    Very Vegas

    It just opened in July, and locals say there’s nothing like it in the Las Vegas Valley.

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    Take or Renew Your Vows

    If you and a loved one want to take vows (or renew them), Las Vegas is the right place to be.

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    Barrington Pools Faces Felony Dumping Allegations

    Editor’s Update - 5.27.2011 - Barrington Pools Exonerated

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    Studies Link Cancer, Chlorination Byproducts

    Three recent studies have linked some chemicals found in pool and spa water with cancer.

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    FSPA Lobbyist Goes Solo

    Florida’s pool industry advocate has hung out her shingle.

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    Pool Industry Sees Slight Increase in 2010

    With the swimming season officially over, industry experts expect new-pool sales for 2010 to close a few percentage points higher than 2009.

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    Leslie’s Buys Texas Retailer

    The nation’s largest specialty pool supply retailer just got bigger.

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    SoCal Utility Increases Pump Rebate

    One of the nation’s largest electrical suppliers recently increased its rebates for variable-speed pumps.

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    Industry Frustrated by Lean Trucking Lines

    A BioLab warehouse sits full of products ready to ship.

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    Facing the Obstacles

    Considering the intricacy of some pools built in the last decade, measuring and installing a safety cover can become a much more complex procedure than in the past.

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    Southern DisComfort

    The Southern states were hit later by the economic crisis than much of the country, but industry members below the Mason-Dixon Line say the decline has caught up.

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    Chlorine Demand

    Chlorine demand can be defined as the inability to maintain a chlorine residual in a pool or spa.

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    Exit Strategy

    The pool and spa market has taken a huge hit from the economy, and many business owners have given up on the idea of retiring, or even selling their companies for a profit.