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    Face Your Customers

    Trish Kobylarz reminds Splash Pools customers to add algaecide when rainwater brings bacteria

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    Mind Your Manners Online

    Although it’s a great tool, social media marketing also has its pitfalls, and many companies — some of the world’s largest, in fact — have fallen victim to antiquated thinking about a modern medium.

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    More Manufacturers Tap Outsiders for Key Roles

    Few in the industry foresaw Bob Rasp’s departure from Zodiac in fall 2009

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    Trade Group Switches Preferred Insurance Provider

    The Northeast Spa & Pool Association has changed its preferred insurer from The Hartford to CNA.

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    NPC Conference Returns to the Big Easy

    In spite of a down economy, officials at the National Plasterers Council expect a strong turnout at the group’s annual conference.

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    Lawmakers Propose Solar Heater Tax Credits

    A new federal bill may extend tax credits for solar heaters added to commercial pools.

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    Dealer Feeling “Hard Press” from Textron Financial

    Textron Financial is pushing its remaining hot tub dealers to pay off their balances by instituting new fees for floor checks, according to at least one longtime retail customer

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    Swim Chem Founder Wallace Remembered for Generosity

    John Wallace, who established one of Sacramento’s largest pool service companies, has passed away

  • Dan Essig

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    We recently had a customer in our office we’d been working with for more than a year on the design and planning of his pool’s complicated hydraulics.

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    Bridge to Everywhere

    With renovations becoming a larger piece of the total pool market, it only makes sense that pool builders would team up with landscape professionals to take them on.

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    Lasting Cuts

    By no means was it a going-out-of-business event, but it did mark the company’s downsizing from three retail stores to two

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    Business Meeting

    Inherent in streamlining operations is maximizing your own expenditures

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    Thriving in a Flat World

    Recently, I was on a plane on my way to a conference and started chatting with the man seated next to me. An insurance broker in his early 30s, he owned a townhome in a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles.