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    Peak Performers

    Automatic pool cleaners are valuable assistants to many service technicians (and their aching backs)

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    A New Face

    When our technical writer, John Miles, gave notice at the end of last year I was horrified. John was an incredible employee and equally wonderful human being.

  • Getting on the List

    John De Luna used Craig’s List in the past to sell various household items — computers, printers or anything else he was inclined to swap for cash.

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    A Life-Changer

    Richard Stevens didn’t know that a 1995 stay at a Holiday Inn would be the catalyst for a new chapter in his life.

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    Set in Place

    It’s that time. The pool or spa filter has done a dutiful job, but it’s run its course and now must be replaced.

  • Everything to Everyone

    In this economy, it’s especially hard to say no to an interested consumer.