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    New Vistas

    Not long ago, Pool & Spa News received a new toy: our very own video camera. Since the day we opened the box, I’ve had big plans for a video initiative.

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    Look Overhead!

    Traditionally, direct costs are easy enough to determine: Tally up the charges for materials, equipment and man hours and watch the costs fluctuate by monitoring each job.

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    Spa Maker Buys Assets of Rival

    The tale of two Florida spa manufacturers, mired in nearly four years of bad blood, bankruptcy, name changes, litigation and intellectual property claims, may have come to a close.

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    ThermoSpas’ Dealer Network Debuts

    After selling directly to consumers for more than a decade,ThermoSpas Inc. officially launched a spa dealer network in January 2009.

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    Remembering the Arakelians

    While Baystate Pool Supplies Inc. prepares for the upcoming swim season, the Cambridge, Mass.-based distributor will be entering the first summer without its two founding fathers: Arthur and Paul Arakelian.

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    Florida Slowdown Has Pool Builders on Edge

    Florida is bracing for a storm.

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    The Silver Lining?

    John Kennedy, president of Elite-Weiler Pools, a Pool & Spa News Top Builder in Sarasota, Fla., believes in silver linings. His argument: Florida probably is due for a healthy thinning of the herd anyway.

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    A.O. Smith Acquires Heat Pump Manufacturer

    One of the biggest names in pump motors now will be behind a line of pool heat pumps.

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    Breaking Point

    The practice of overapplying chlorine is a serious problem that’s resulted in negative media coverage for commercial pools. Many techs assume so-called breakpoint chlorination eliminates chloramines, but actually it can exacerbate the problem.

  • Bonding the Water

    The newest addition to the National Electrical Code, made in the 2008 version, requires builders to bond the water to the equipotential bonding grid of the pool.

  • Electrical Resources

    680.26 Equipotential Bonding for Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tub EC&M Magazine

  • Phosphate as a Buffer

    Phosphates have a negative association in the pool industry as algae enablers.

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    On the Grid

    Grounding and bonding can be one of the most confusing parts of pool construction.

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    Defending Your Balance

    Alkalinity testing isn’t just another way to add cost and confusion to a service technician’s routine.

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    Buffer Charts

    Basically bicarbonate: Carbonate alkalinity is largely in bicarbonate form at normal pool pH ranges.