• Carecraft and Pool Corp Form Alliance

    Carecraft and Pool Corp (formerly SCP) have reached an agreement that will allow members of the buying group to make purchases through the pool industry distributor.

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    Chemistry Class... Not

    Teaching pool chemistry to customers can be as complicated and delicate as the subject itself. The information is multilayered and interrelated in ways that can make your head spin.

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    State of the Market

    For 15 years, Jim Stone Jr.’s small retail store, Sunshine Pool Co. in Pembroke, Mass., sold the same brand of chemicals. Then two years ago, the manufacturer with whom he did business approached him and said that prices would be increasing by 30 percent.

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    Consumer frenzy

    Consumer demand for saltwater chlorine generators has significantly increased in recent years

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    First Impressions

    Every year at the International Pool & Spa Expo, we host an awards breakfast for our Top 50 Builders and Masters of Design recipients. After the invitations go out, I usually need to call a number of the attendees to confirm various details.

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    The Chlorine Question

    In 2000, Life magazine compiled a list of the Top 100 Events of the past millennium. The introduction of chlorine as a water-sanitizing agent registered No. 46.

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    Chlorine and swimming pools

    Six types of chlorine, or chlorine compounds, are used in the sanitization of swimming pool water.

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    Winning the race

    At first glance, David Woodard’s learn-to-swim programs seem commonplace.

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    Taking action

    Advertise learn-to-swim programs at places frequented by minorities.

  • Private Equity Firm to Acquire Jacuzzi

    Jacuzzi Brands Inc., parent company of Sundance Spas Inc./Jacuzzi Spas Intl., has signed an agreement to sell to a private equity firm for $1.25 billion.

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    From a Different Place

    As many of you may know, Pool & Spa News has a sister publication called Aquatics International.

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    One country, one program

    While some industry professionals talk about partnering with school systems to promote swim lessons among minorities,

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    Fiesta del safety

    When the Phoenix Fire Department realized that one-third of the city’s drowning victims had Hispanic surnames, they decided to take action

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    Every year, minorities make up a disproportionately large number of drownings in the United States. Here, Pool & Spa News examines the scope of the problem.

    On May 17, 2005, the city pool in Bridgeport, Texas, was packed with seventh graders celebrating the end of the school year.

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    Question Authority

    At the recent Casual Furniture Show in Chicago, I attended a Q&A featuring a panel of consumers

  • Bill Galuhn No Longer with Carecraft Group

    Bill Galuhn, executive director and co-founder of Carecraft Inc., is no longer heading the Anaheim, Calif.-based buying group.

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    Mixing and matching a backyard color palette is tricky. In the second of a two-part series, Pool & Spa News asks an expert to review seven ambitious aquascapes.

    We’ve seen it all too often: The pale blue pool with murky brick coping, garish pots of stop-sign red geraniums and plain green grass.

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    More than $45,000 was raised at the “FORE Children” Golf Tournament July 10. Marquis Spas organized the second annual tourney, held at Illahe Hills Country Club in Salem, Ore. A silent auction and dinner followed the tourney.

  • Central Arizona Moves to Secede from APSP

    At a meeting held in August, the leadership of the Central Arizona Chapter of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals voted to break away from APSP and form a new organization.

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    You can build artificial rock to look like Mother Nature’s own creations. Here’s how.

    It’s easy to have a love/hate relationship with artificial rock.

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    A Turning Point

    When I was 21 years old, I made a terrible mistake.

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    Cancun, Mexico, formed the backdrop for Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools’ annual meeting to honor the participants of its 2005 Elite Dealer Promotion.

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    Southwest Market In Question

    As the economy in parts of California and Arizona shows signs of softening, some builders question if 2006 pool sales will be as robust as years past.

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    Reading the Rainbow

    Gary Nannini knew he was in trouble when a home designer in California told him to build a “white” pool.

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    Learning the lingo

    Working with landscapers and architects to create a color palette can be tricky.

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    In Living Color

    Colors elicit an emotional response that designers need to understand.

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    The Artist: Jim Urzendowski

    Jim Urzendowski won’t admit it, but he saved the day with this vinyl-liner pool project.

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    The Artist: Michelle Van De Voorde

    The directive from the clients was simple, but daunting: Transform a drab yard into a social hub for entertaining and relaxing

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    The Artist: Jim Verdone

    Design work takes on a new dimension when you’re asked to repair Mother Nature.

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    The Artist: Jason Stoker

    When Jason Stoker designs an aquascape, he usually installs the pool and then works outward.

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    The Artists: Vernon D. Swaback, Michael Wetzel & Jim Stannard

    This project started with well-traveled clients who wanted a contemporary home and pool with an Asian flair.

  • Polyair Sells Off Cantar Cover Assets

    Polyair Inter Pack Inc. has sold various assets of its pool division — Cantar Pool Products of Youngstown, Ohio — to the company’s former president. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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    Once again, a David Hockney painting has sold for a record-breaking price.

  • Project by Brett Barrett & Ken Thomason

    2006 Masters of Design

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    The Artist: Gregory Nowell

    Landscape designer Gregory Nowell had a tough job ahead of him when he signed on to do this San Diego project.

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    The Artists: Luis Ortega, Jose Fernandez & Marcello Villano

    You wouldn’t know it, judging from the idyllic setting of this Palm Springs, Calif., residence, but this property has come a long way.

  • Photo courtesy Advanced Pools

    The Artist: Rick Legnon

    This poolscape was designed with a split personality.

  • Photo courtesy San Juan Pools of Canada

    The Artist: Kevin MacDonald

    The homeowner was looking for a fiberglass pool with a vanishing edge — and his own tranquil piece of paradise.

  • Photo by George White Location Photography

    The Artist: Jim Malone

    Located in the urban port city of Tacoma, Wash., this property enjoys spectacular views of Mount Rainier.

  • Photo by Peter M. Budraitis Photography

    The Artists: Mando & Rene Insignares

    With more than 50 years’ combined experience in the pool industry, Mando and Rene Insignares are no strangers to winning pool design awards.

  • Photo courtesy Johnson Pools and Spas

    The Artists: Tommy Johnson, Mark Kerce & Randy McMullen

    Some people know Tommy Johnson as the man who built the first vanishing-edge, vinyl-liner pool in 1994.

  • Photo by Jason Hanlon

    The Artist: Bill Kantor

    Pool builders are called upon to face all kinds of construction challenges, including untenable slopes, tiny backyards and poor soil conditions.

  • Photo by Brad Miller

    The Artists: Ira Grabow, Sid Sidan & Frank Goni

    Greenbrook Pools’ client list reads like a Miami edition of

  • Photo by Robert Benson Photography

    The Artists: Stephen Holmes & Michael Giannamore

    The concept for this pool grew from the tiniest detail.

  • Photo courtesy Norm Plate

    The Artists: Michael Dollin, Sunni Jackson & John Quick

    When the professionals at Urban Earth Design took on the job of revamping this upscale Phoenix-area yard, they knew their work would have to serve a larger purpose.

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    Masters of Design

    Welcome to

  • Photo by Alicia Patel

    The Artists: Tim & Lisa Goodman

    Before Tim and Lisa Goodman got their hands on this project, anyone heading outdoors via the living room would have fallen 6 feet to the ground.

  • The Artist: Eddie Bullock

    The backyard of this one-acre lot was host to dozens of tall pine and oak trees. It was a forest lover’s paradise.

  • Photo courtesy Master Pools by Artistic Pools Inc.

    The Artists: Ron Coker Jr. & Jeff Mittelman

    The Sugarloaf Country Club is distinctly Atlanta, offering patrons grand homes on large lots overlooking green expanses.

  • Photo by Peter M. Budraitis Photography

    The Artist: Paul A. Como Sr.

    As any builder with a high-end clientele knows, fickle tastes and a relentless pursuit of perfection often prevail.

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    The Artists: Mark Reed, Carolyn Allen & Terry Barham

    This Memphis fountain started out as a simple idea.

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    The Artists: Ken & Bill Whitlow

    Ken Whitlow’s clients needed a pool, but they were more interested in creating a getaway, where they could take the occasional dip.

  • Photo by Blacky Schwartz

    The Artists: Aldo Andreoli & Jim Moss

    Sept. 11, 2001, rocked Aldo Andreoli to the core. Having moved to New York from Torino, Italy, in 1985, the Italian-born architect called Manhattan home.

  • Photo by Everett Fenton Didley (www.efg3.com)

    The Artists: Brett Barrett & Ken Thomason

    Brett Barrett views the world through a different lens

  • Photo courtesy Anthony Archer-Wills

    Taking it inside

    Due to the reflective quality of walls and floors, indoor waterfeatures may present loudness problems.

  • Raw Materials Costs Skyrocket in 2006

    As fuel and energy costs continue to rise, it’s likely the pool and spa industry will see increases in the price of cement, PVC, metals and other raw materials through the remainder of 2006.

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    Big Box, Small Pool

    One of our staff writers, Josh Keim, has been working on a story about the relationship between inflatable pools, big-box stores and water safety.

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    Sunlight Saunas of Lenexa, Kan., has made

  • Photo courtesy Anthony Archer-Wills

    Water in Audio

    Sculpting sound and water is an elusive art.

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    Pulliam Pools of Forth Worth, Texas, recently celebrated its 90th anniversary.

  • Hot Tub 'Study' Angers Industry

    A recent analysis of drowning records claims that an American drowns nearly every day in a bathtub, hot tub or spa.

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    Take a Step Back

    Recently, I learned a lesson about the value of standing back from a situation to gain perspective.

  • Illustration by Henry Olivas

    Deal or No Deal

    During the trade-show season, some exhibitors shell out as much as six figures to wine, dine and dazzle prospective clients.

  • Photo by Peter Budraitis

    Go Team!

    The devil is in the details, especially in customer service.

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    Fantasy Teams

    My old boyfriend, Dave, was obsessed with fantasy baseball.

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    Water Pik Technologies Inc. completed the sale of its Canadian pool accessories business last month.

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    Construction: Bruce Dunn

    Harvard-educated Bruce Dunn has a long-standing reputation as an astute businessman.

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    Retail: Brian Quint

    The president of Aqua Quip might as well have been born with chlorine in his veins.

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    Dare to Dream

    If you could create the ideal pool company, who would you choose to serve on your management team? Would you pick your own employees or those of a competitor whom you respect? Perhaps you would want the financial expertise of a multimillion-dollar pool bu

  • New Treatment for 'Hot Tub Lung'

    Klearsen Corp., a manufacturer of natural health-care products, announced it has developed a therapy that may be significantly more effective than traditional methods currently used to treat mycobacterium avium complex (MAC).

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    Service: Steve Bludsworth

    Thirty years ago, Steve Bludsworth had no desire for his pool service company to be the biggest or flashiest when he took over the reins from his father

  • Photo by Laura Caron

    Unsung Heroes

    A large budget may open up limitless design options, but it doesn’t guarantee an eye-pleasing aquascape.

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    When Less Is More

    People love to look at high-end swimming pools.

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    Radiant Systems Inc., a point-of-sale technology provider, has acquired Synchronics.

  • Plasterers Conference Continues to Grow

    When Visioneering Management took over the day-to-day operation of the National Plasterers Council four years ago, it set several goals, two of which were to grow the NPC membership and to make it a truly national organization

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    Fear of Commitment?

    Doctors are leaving the American Medical Association in droves

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    APSP Region 10 held its Southeastern Pool & Spa Show Jan

  • 25th Atlantic City Trade Show Shines

    Celebrating its silver anniversary, the Atlantic City (N.J.) Pool & Spa Show continued a tradition of success with a record-breaking event

  • Photo courtesy San Juan Fiberglass Pools of Canada

    Evolution of a Species

    It wasn’t so long ago that people referred to fiberglass pools as giant tubs, pointing to the lips that often stuck out of the ground.

  • Zodiac, Carlyle to Buy Jandy

    Zodiac S.A. and The Carlyle Group, a private equity firm, have signed an agreement to acquire Water Pik Technologies Inc., parent company of Jandy.

  • Housing Market Poses New Challenges

    Recent data suggests that a more stable, yet leaner, housing market might be ahead for the construction and pool industries.

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    The Fingerprint of God

    What do a Mozart sonata, the human body, medieval cathedrals and a well-designed pool have in common?

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    Police continue to search for a man they believe is responsible for the Dec.

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    Ring in the New

    Every January at

  • Photo illustration by Tariq Kamal

    Breaking the Mold

    In the casual furniture market, this is a pivotal time for retailers.

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    A 5-year-old boy with severe birth defects received a hot tub in December, courtesy of ThermoSpas and actor Dustin Diamond (Screech from “Saved By The Bell”).

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    Meet people who, in a single moment, bravely forged new paths in their personal and professional lives.

    Mary Manion wanted to fulfill a fallen soldier's promise to build a pool for his family. Little did she know it would change her life.

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    Water in Audio

    Sculpting sound and water is an elusive art.

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    Bursting the Bubble

    Inflatable pools look like a thousand gallons of family fun.

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    The Best Investment

    It’s rare that you see profound examples, back to back, of the right way and the wrong way to do something

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    Newspaper reports out of Florida are stating that contractors in the Sunshine State, including pool builders, could face stricter regulations because hundreds of consumers have complained that they were cheated during the past two hurricane seasons.

  • Safety Bill Unveiled at Drowning Symposium

    At the National Drowning Prevention Symposium last month, U.S. Rep.

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    A Contentious Issue

    I remember the first time I heard the name Graeme Baker.

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    The Best Teacher

    Last Saturday, I took a hike in the Santa Monica Mountains here in Southern California.

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    HGTV is featuring pool and spa designs this spring in two episodes. The first aired April 9; the next one will appear Sunday, May 7, at 5 p.m. (Pacific time).

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    The California Energy Commission, in conjunction with APSP’s IAF 6 Portable Spa Standard Committee, is working to make changes to the new energy-efficiency requirements for portable spas.

  • Consumer Reports Targets Inflatable Pools

    ConsumerReports.org, the Web site for the nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting product safety, has released a report calling inflatable pools “drowning hazards” and warning parents not to purchase these pools for children

  • Photo courtesy California Pools & Spas, Thousand Oaks, Calif./APSP

    Making an Impression

    Demonstrations seen on a trade-show floor make stamped-concrete installation look like a snap — just color, stamp and seal.

  • Photo courtesy California Pools & Spas, Thousand Oaks, Calif./APSP

    Start with the basics

    Many of the problems with stamped slabs result from ignoring the basics of concrete installation.

  • Industry Mourns Death of Chemist Neil Lowry

    Dr. R. Neil Lowry, a well-known consultant to the pool and spa industry in Canada and the United States, has passed away.