• Using Mineral Sanitizers

    Ionic silver and copper can eliminate algae and bacteria while reducing chlorine demand.

  • I’m Back

    I've taken on an enhanced role at Hanley Wood as editorial director of Pool & Spa News and Aquatics International.

  • Inspectorsand SafetyThe SVRS Question

    The relationship between pool professionals and government officials has evolved post-Virginia Graeme Baker.

  • Industry Weighs in on Controversial California Law

    Despite that level of enthusiasm surrounding the new immigration law signed by California Governor Jerry Brown last week, many pool contractors and service companies see it as problematic for business.

  • U.S. Probes into Chlorine from Asia

    U.S. agencies investigate allegations of market-distorting imports of chlorinated isocyanurates from China and Japan.

  • Media Storm Erupts Over Report on Pregnant Swimmers

    The consumer press in Britain and the USA was abuzz recently over a report regarding a possible link between swimming during pregnancy and the risk of unborns developing allergies

  • Virtual Conference Tackles Important Issues

    Aquatics International's annual event looks at the top five issues facing aquatics professionals at this pivotal time in history

  • Renaissance Man

    From pool service technician to hostage negotiator, Jim Ciccone has lived an extraordinary life.

  • Aquatic Inspirations

    The dramatic waterscapes and elaborate pools of Las Vegas combine design, engineering, and entertainment

  • Very Vegas

    To make your trip to Las Vegas memorable, we did a little sleuthing. Try these unusual spots!

  • Int'l Pool | Spa | Patio Expo Seminar Preview

    Here is a preview of four of the sessions that will be presented at the 2013 show in Las Vegas.