• Photo by Jim Kennedy

    Lap of Luxury

    Because when illuminated at night, this lap pool appears to effortlessly float in air.

  • Photo courtesy The Aboveground Pool & Spa Co.

    Masters of Disguise

    Because with the right touch, aboveground pools can look classy and elegant without expensive, elaborate decking.

  • Photo by Mark Boisclair

    Greater Expectations

    Because a white picket fence looks idyllic, whether it’s surrounding a pool or a house.

  • Photo by Roger Foley

    The Big Squeeze

    Because the backyard sprang, fully formed, from the designer’s head like a mythological figure.

  • Photo courtesy Questar Pools and Spas Inc.

    Best of Both Worlds

    Because a spa bridges the philosophical gap between a husband’s 9-foot-deep vanishing-edge pool and a wife’s shallower, nonsplash pool.

  • Photo by Thomas Lee

    The Shape of Things

    Because the designer knew the view was the star of this show.

  • Photo courtesy Blue Ribbon Design/Build

    Cathedral Ceiling

    Because the elegant outdoor sanctuary seems to beckon visitors.

  • Photo by Colin M. Park

    Made to Order

    Because the 2-foot-wide, 8-inch-deep cement collar around the pool shell, paired with foam insulation, keeps heating bills lower during chilly Oregon winters.

  • Photo courtesy Juergen Partridge Ltd., Design & Build

    Dark to Light

    Because carefully designed lighting fills a once dark, dank space with a warm, golden glow.

  • Photo by Dick Oberg

    Rising Up

    Because this was a project everyone said couldn’t be done.

  • Photo by Roger Wade

    Bold and Beautiful

    Because its majestic view of the Rockies and expansive Flat Head Lake gives soakers the sensation of sitting on a throne more than in a spa.

  • Photo by Tariq Kamal

    2003 Showcase

  • Photo by James Van Sweden

    Love Triangles

    Because the custom-made copper fountain is shaped like the pond.

  • Photo by Micha Langer

    Welcoming Waters

    Because the water cascading over multiple spillway weirs masks street noise.

  • Photo by John Hong

    The Great Wall

    Because even odd-shaped backyards with slopes and concrete walls can be formed into aquatic retreats.

  • Photo by Robert Nelson

    The Time Machine

    Because it lies at the exact stylistic point where traditional meets contemporary.

  • Photo courtesy Atlantis Pools

    Stacking the Deck

    Because if the Swiss Family Robinson built a pool, it might look something like this.

  • Photo by John B. Jacobs/Rick Vaughan

    Streams of Consciousness

    Because the three-sided vanishing-edge pool looks more mystical than manmade.

  • Photo by Mark Boisclair

    French Twist

    because the pool and pond re-create a 14th century olive mill in the French countryside.

  • Photo by Steven Gunther

    Flower Power

    because the fountain’s seeming simplicity belies the complexity of its design.

  • Photo by Jamie Mitchell

    White Space

    Because the bright blue water flows into an outdoor alcove containing floor-to-ceiling windows.

  • Photo courtesy Prestige Pools & Spas

    Perfect Fit

    Because the freeform pool, flagstone deck, elevated spillway spa, fireplace and built-in gas grill are masterfully co-mingled in a relatively small backyard space.

  • Photo courtesy Pool Doctor

    Hawaiian Hideaway

    Because the project’s three waterfalls symbolize the best in innovative vinyl-liner pool design: functionality, sophistication and beauty.

  • Photo by Christopher Dang

    Southern Charm

    Because the sand-colored pool interior harmonizes with the Spanish-style home.

  • Photo by Tariq Kamal

    The Layered Look

    Because the builder said “yes” when everyone else said “no.”

  • Photo by Carl G. Saporiti

    Dual Purpose

    Because this project is a true rarity: a diving/lap lane vinyl-liner freeform pool.