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  • Plasterer Holds Education Day
    Article| 03-08-2014

    Plasterer Holds Education Day

    A Southern California plasterer gives back to local service techs with an instructional day.

  • Greetings from the Sunshine State!
    Blog| 05-22-2013

    'On the Surface' Blog Debuts

    Introducing the new blog by Mitch Brooks of the National Plasterers Council

  • Understanding Terminology
    Blog| 07-18-2013

    Understanding Terminology

    Correct terminology for the key plastering terms hydration and curing

  • Plasterers Plan to Broaden Mission

    Plasterers Plan to Broaden Mission

    One of the industry’s major trade associations is updating its mission to better reflect the changing nature of its members’ businesses.

  • At the Helm
    Profile| 02-08-2013

    At the Helm

    It could be argued that the National Plasterers Council couldn’t ask for a better leader at this juncture in its history than Edgar Sanchez.

  • Hand Mix, Hand Sculpted - It's Art!
    Blog| 08-28-2013

    Hand Mix, Hand Sculpted - It's Art!

    NPC's Mitch Brooks answers the question "What exactly is pool plaster?"

  • Spot the Mark
    How To| 05-25-2012

    Spot the Mark

    It’s an all-too-familiar story: The pool’s surface looked pristine when filling began — but a few weeks or months later, patches of small white spots have appeared along the walls or floor

  • Forming a Bond
    Feature| 12-04-2013

    Forming a Bond

    Professionals discuss how to properly apply bond coats to refinish a pool or spa

  • Water Jetting
    Feature| 01-24-2014

    Water Jetting

    This method of prepping a surface for replastering requires large costs up front, but many say it’s worth the investment

  • Family Bonding
    Profile| 02-08-2013

    Family Bonding

    Modern Method Gunite, and companies like it, are helping usher in a new age of interior surface applicators.