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  • NPC Issues Public Challenge to onBalance

    The National Plasterers Council says it wants to settle an ongoing feud regarding the cause of spot etching

  • Plaster Spot Feud Continues

    Plaster Spot Feud Continues

    The National Plasterers Council and onBalance have issued challenges to each other in the hopes of ending the debate over spot etching.

  • Q&A | 11-25-2014

    Core Differences

    This video outlines how the National Plasterers Council and onBalance differ in their beliefs regarding spot etching.

  • Plasterer Holds Education Day
    Article | 03-08-2014

    Plasterer Holds Education Day

    A Southern California plasterer gives back to local service techs with an instructional day.

  • Ongoing Struggle
    Feature | 10-13-2014

    Head to Head

    The rivalry between the National Plaster Council and onBalance doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Here is a look at their science

  • At the Helm
    Profile | 02-08-2013

    At the Helm

    It could be argued that the National Plasterers Council couldn’t ask for a better leader at this juncture in its history than Edgar Sanchez.

  • Plasterers Plan to Broaden Mission

    Plasterers Plan to Broaden Mission

    One of the industry’s major trade associations is updating its mission to better reflect the changing nature of its members’ businesses.

  • Heart of Glass
    Feature | 07-29-2014

    Heart of Glass

    Designers placed translucence as a priority on this contemporary poolscape

  • Family Bonding
    Profile | 02-08-2013

    Family Bonding

    Modern Method Gunite, and companies like it, are helping usher in a new age of interior surface applicators.

  • Plaster Analyzed in Chemical Start-Up Tests

    Plaster Analyzed in Chemical Start-Up Tests

    Calcium dust in plaster pools may be preventable, according to a recent study.