Erika Taylor

Erika is editor in chief for Pool & Spa News and Aquatics International.

Blogs by Erika Taylor


Gary Thill

Gary is interactive director for Pool & Spa News and Aquatics International.

Blogs by Gary Thill


Erin Ansley

Erin is online editor for Pool & Spa News and Aquatics International.


Rebecca Robledo

Rebecca is senior editor of Pool & Spa News and Aquatics International.

Blogs by Rebecca Robledo


Linda G. Green

Linsa is a copy editor and writer for Pool & Spa News and Aquatics International.

Blogs by Linda G. Green

  • Promos with Pizzazz

    The best product promos are imaginative, often offbeat. Check out a few from yesteryear.

  • Pure Gold

    As the 2014 Winter Games unfold, now's the perfect time to see what this former Olympic super-star has been up to.

  • Linda_Green_CORRECT_Hero.jpg

    New Year Musings

    A lot can happen in 30 years, and sometimes it's downright odd


Steve Straehley

Steve Straehley is senior editor - technical for Pool & Spa News and Aquatics International.

Blogs by Steve Straehley


Joanne McClain

Joanne is managing editor of Pool & Spa News and Aquatics International.

Blogs by Joanne McClain

  • Explaining News and People Briefs

    What do you do when you’ve got something you think is brief-worthy?

  • New Pool and Spa News Website

    What you see is the culmination of hundreds of hours of work involving a radical overhaul in the way we publish PSN.

  • Superheroes

    The Top 50 entry figures represent hundreds of hard-working people, all striving towards building successful businesses and fulfilling...


Alison Osinski

Alison is principal-owner of Aquatic Consulting Services, in Avalon, Calif.

Blogs by Alison Osinski

  • Cloudy Water Tragedy

    The aquatic consultant discusses a drowning made all the more tragic by cloudy water.


Brian Van Bower

Brian runs the international design firm Aquatic Consultants.

Blogs by Brian Van Bower


Bryan Chrissan

Brian is the owner of Clear Valley Pool and Spa, a Murrieta, Calif.-based pool and spa service and repair company.


Debra Smith

Debra is president and co-owner of Pulliam Pools in Fort Worth, Texas.

Blogs by Debra Smith

  • Smith_Debra_HERO-300x200.jpg

    Information and Systems Are Key

    The president of Pulliam Pools discusses the forms and routines her company uses to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Plug in

    Debra discusses the importance of positivity to a manager and suggests a book to help develop this trait.

  • Job Costing

    When builders cost their jobs out correctly, they can maintain the health of their own companies and create a better environment for the...


Michael Orr

Michael is executive director of the Foundation for Pool and Spa Industry Education.

Blogs by Michael Orr


Mitch Brooks

Mitch is the executive director of the National Plasterers Council.

Blogs by Mitch Brooks


Steve Donohoe

Steve is the owner of Another perfect Pool, a service company based in Mission Viejo, Calif.

Blogs by Steve Donohoe

No articles.


Blogs by Matt Giovanisci

Matt Giovanisci

Matt is the creator of Swim University, an online guide to pool and spa care, and has more than 15 years of experience in the industry.


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