No Seams

This Nantucket Island homeowner wanted a backyard that fit with its surroundings and kept the Atlantic Ocean as the main attraction. “Nantucket has a charm that the residents take seriously,” says Julie Dugan, Cherry Hill’s sales and marketing manager. “There are families who have been there 100 years. People want to maintain that heritage and don’t want anything that competes with the surroundings.”

The pool’s natural bluestone coping stands up to harsh winter weather and has a spare, natural look. Rather than a poured-concrete patio, the homeowner chose a symmetrical pattern of bluestone pavers cut into 2-by-2-foot squares. The classic look blends well with the ocean view.

Keep It Simple

“This is modern minimalism at its best,” Dugan says. “And it’s in keeping with the culture of Nantucket. We are a more conservative group of people and we like conservative, classic designs.”

To that end, native items were used whenever possible to better blend the backyard into its natural surroundings. A natural wood-burning fire pit surrounded by basic Adirondack chairs is a popular spot when the family entertains.