Photo: Melanie Perreault
Photo: Melanie Perreault

Francois Theriault, President
Melanie Perreault, Designer
Decko Piscine & Jardin Inc., Mont Saint Hilaire, Quebec, Canada

What the judges thought: This just shows how creative minds can prevail over technical constraints to produce aquascapes that exceed expectations.

Photo: Melanie Perreault
Photo: Melanie Perreault

Back to nature: The family, which includes two girls, ages 6 and 4, “loves spending time at home, living in nature and tranquility,” designer Melanie Perreault notes. The lush greenery, flowers, rockwork, bird sculptures, a spa that seats up to eight, and the sound of falling water combine to create a peaceful setting where all ages can relax and unwind. The fact that many people see this vinyl-liner beauty and think it is a concrete pool pleases its creators. “We are proud of this illusion,” Perreault says.

Working all the angles: This project in the Montreal suburbs had many technical constraints. For starters, the home is set on a mountain, and the ground has numerous elevation differences. Builder Francois Theriault created three plateaus — one each for the pool, dining area and children’s play space. A vanishing edge on the pool also takes advantage of the elevations. Then there were many municipal rules to follow, such as a minimum fencing height of 3.94 feet all around the pool. “Sometimes it’s difficult for us to be creative and [meet the requirements],” Perreault says. The budget didn’t allow for removal of the garden shed (right), stamped concrete walkway or gazebo, so Perreault shaped the pool around those elements, matching new and existing pavement and natural stone.

The Suppliers
Equipment: Hayward Pool Products
Vinyl liner: Latham Pool Products
Pavers: Techo-Bloc
Fencing: Sefaco