Rock On

Using more than 100 tons of stone, this backyard is a paradise for rock lovers. Tennessee Crab Orchard stone was used for the walls, fireplace and coping, all of which were hand-chiseled to fit. “Plywood patterns were made to fit the pool, and we gave them to the rock company to cut the rock,” explains Jim Pennell.

The coping rock was thermal-heated to create a natural bullnose edge, and five different sizes of pavers were used on the deck and patios. Japanese maples, crape myrtles, grasses, and other plantings provide color.

Steep Challenge

The mountainside house is in a rural setting, and the pool had to stay clear of the home’s septic system. “We had to twist and move the pool several times,” says Pennell. Digging out the pool against the steep embankment required a trackhoe, and a cherry picker was used to place the rocks around the pool and slide.

“All the construction and rock work needed to be done before we put the liner in,” Pennell says. That included the plumbing for the custom 11-piece slide, which required an extensive amount of pipe. “We had to pipe water over 100 feet to get to the slide,” he explains.