Builder/Installer: Jamie Sherrard, Owner
Firm: WetScapes Inc., Lexington, Ind.

 What the judges thought: The pool is well integrated into the hillside, and the infinity-edge design truly makes the pool the focal point of the backyard.

Something New: The homeowner had been living in this residence for 30 years and was ready for a complete overhaul. “It’s either time to basically make it a ‘wow factor’ or move,” he told Jamie Sherrard, who installed the pool. Originally, the owners weren’t interested in a pool with their home renovation. Once they saw the possibilities, they decided that fiberglass was the route to take. The pool eventually became the focal point of the yard. Given the heavy boating traffic on the reservoir in summer, the owners decided to include an infinity edge on the pool’s backside to create an eye-catching waterfall that sailors can enjoy as they cruise down the reservoir. “I think it turned out exactly the way they wanted it to, and we were all excited about it,” Sherrard says.

Slow And Steady: The project did come with its fair share of challenges. “It was definitely the most difficult pool we’ve ever done,” Sherrard says. The house sits on a cliff overlooking the lake, and the backyard was fairly steep, making daily work a bit treacherous. Workers also only had a 6-foot-wide space between the front and back yards, making it difficult to get equipment to the work site. Because of the narrow space, the pool had to be crane-lifted up and over the center of the house to get it into position. The move took days of preparation and planning. “It was a stressful day, but it went well,” Sherrard notes.


Equipment: Pentair
Tile: National Pool Tile
Pool Cover: Automatic Pool Covers
Handrails: S.R. Smith
Pool Manufacturer: Thursday Pools, LLC