Concrete Pools

A stunning project that is contemporary from one angle,traditional from another.

Matt Schmuker

Apex Landscape

Michael Paré

Blue Water Pools of Grand Rapids

A wild, lush landscape embraces a tranquil dream.

Dieter Werner, Katajun Reise, Erik Reise

Kubiko International Design

Kim Trefcer

The Pool Store

A perfect illusion cleaved from thin air and deep desire.

Kerri McCoy

Derian Quality Pools Inc.

A stunning perimeter overflow enfolds the ‘essence’ of a lotus.

Daniel Stewart

Daniel Stewart & Associates

Steve Sargent, Geoff Sargent

Elite Custom Pools and Spas

Mediterranean joins with contemporary in this marriage of two styles.

Michele Sherman

Essig Pools

Kelly Crawford

Can You Dig It Gardening


A marriage of hot water and wind-hewn stone.

Steve Pittman

Combined Energy Systems Inc.

Troy Sober

Gregory Lombardi Design

A weighty design that floats on gossamer wings.

Justin Weiner

Studio Kenji, Ltd.


These master designers bend fire and iron to their will.

Kim Conner, Matt OttoSunderman

The Great Outdoors Inc.

Billy Cribb

Aabstract Pools

Three waterfalls sing in praise of lush color and light.

James Schevers

Sierra Pacific Design

Fiberglass Pools

A difficult dream becomes a spectacular reality.

Todd Emmerson, Brian Larsen, Tom McNelis

Signature Pools & Spas

An unusual custom color creates a pond-like setting.

John Anderson, Nikki Anderson-Oakley, Dennis Rhoad

Anderson Pools and Spas

Green and gray glimpses frame an unfettered ocean view.

Jim McGill

Cherry Hill Pool & Spa

William Congleton

Atlantic Landscaping

Jeffrey M. Laufer, AIA


Vinyl-Liner Pools

Calming water that seems carved from the hillside.

Michael Inzerillo

Swimming Pools by Jack Anthony

Sun-kissed stone forms a soothing study in shades of gray.

Jim Pennell

Southeastern Pools

Cory Snow

Cardinal Lawn Scapes

Saving two trees creates a shape to delight the senses.

Michael Willis, Roger Willis

Roger Willis Contracting

Welwyn Wong

Welwyn Wong Landscape Design