Surfaces and Finishes

  • Fillable Friends

    Check out this new product.

  • AquaBRIGHT Attains UL Classification

    AquaBRIGHT pool finish now is classified by UL as ANSI/NSF 61 Standard compliant.

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    Consummate Craftsman

    Jimmy Reed has worked with tile since he was a pre-teen helping his neighbor.

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    Spot the Mark

    It’s an all-too-familiar story: The pool’s surface looked pristine when filling began — but a few weeks or months later, patches of small white spots have appeared along the walls or floor

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    Chipping Away

    Plaster demolition work isn’t pretty. Unfortunately, this sometimes becomes too apparent in the finished product

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    Blasting the Problem Away

    Some consider it old-fashioned to perform full chip-outs.

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    Clever Cleaning:One

    Every pool needs to be cleaned regularly, and for most pools, that means bringing in an automatic cleaner.

  • Photo courtesy Bella Vista Pools / APSP

    Art and Architecture

    In a push to come up with evermore creative backyard designs, many builders are mixing and matching multiple surfacing products to great effect.

  • Photo courtesy Paragon Pools

    Making an Impact

    Certain applications call out for different surfacing materials. Here are just a few places where multiple materials will heighten the look and/or function of the poolscape.


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