• The Klorkinator

    Check out this new product

  • Pen Fabricators Offers Strapless Cover Solution

    Pen Fab's new Clean Line Strapless Solid Safety Cover is 100 percent welded, with no straps or stitching on the cover

  • Closed Arena

    Affordable enclosure for pools allows owners to extend their swim season.

  • Image

    Pool Safety Cam Offers Additional Layer of Protection

    Pool Cover Specialists' Pool Watchdog Swimming Pool Safety Cam is a Wi-Fi-enabled IP camera that alerts homeowners of potential danger.

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    Merlin Updates Line

    Merlin Industries has made improvements to a large category of products

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    Elemental Herbs Avoids the Burn

    Keep covered from head to toe with Elemental Herbs' all-natural sun care products

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    A Specialty Inlet

    For Skip Phillips, suction and return fittings not only were laced with safety and sanitation concerns, but he also didn’t like the way they interfered with the sleek look of his vessels.

  • Understanding SVRS

    A safety vacuum release system (SVRS) is a system or a device that disables a pool pump’s suction ability so that a body or object trapped against the suction outlet is freed.

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    Heater Hazards

    Ask a pool service technician to list common on-site safety hazards, and the answers likely will include diving boards, unlocked gates, and blockable main drains.

  • Safety Solutions

    It’s no secret that the pool business is built on fun — if people didn’t love playing in the water, there would be no need for pool builders, service technicians and the thousands of others this industry employs

  • The Most Important Protection

    Fences, gates and covers can all be useful safety precautions — but they’re most effective when the homeowner deploys and maintains them in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations

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    Cover Stories

    I’ve had my share of customers who are particularly abusive to their safety covers.

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    A Force to Reckon With

    As pool industry professionals, we are being directed by the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act to install anti-entrapment drain covers and safety vacuum release systems (SVRS) on many public pools.

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    Servicing Automatic Covers

    Significant growth in the automatic pool cover market means that you’ll likely encounter them more often on the route.


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