Pergolas are trending. According to a recent feature in sister publication Remodeling, the outdoor feature is the driving force behind a major uptick sales in of preengineered structures.

“Preengineered structures have been growing rapidly year over year, and we have seen upwards of 25 percent growth in individual product lines,” notes Andy Sears, vice president and chief operating officer of Structureworks Fabrication in Fredricksburg, Va., who describes the upward trend as "explosive."

Pergolas are the driving factor.”

WIth this in mind, new products recently have come to market that illustrate the latest styles available. Here, Remodeling highlights four that are of particular interest, including:

  • Solisysteme from BioClimatic Structures
  • Havanah by Brown Jordan Structures
  • HB&G Building Products’ fiberglass pergolas
  • Trex’sAir, Balance and Vision series

Check out images and more details of each pergola over at Remodeling.

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