Allied Innovations

Allied Innovation has brought back the AS-5TD featuring a 30-minute time delay. This newly designed, simple-to-use, on/off control can operate two pieces of equipment simultaneously (not to exceed 40Amps). No neutral is required for this control, which is able to operate three-phase equipment. With the first push of the air button (sold separately), the equipment is turned on for 30 minutes then returns to the off setting. During activation, another push of the air button will turn the equipment off.

Contact: (800) 237-9937;

Design Refine-Refine Design

The new patent-pending Skimmer Cover Animal Escape Device by Design Refine-Refine Design provides small animals and bugs an escape option when trapped in a swimming pool’s skimmer basket area behind the weir gate. Two opposing white textured ramps with a center resting spot enable animals to climb out of the water and reach the sturdy hinged lid. Smaller animals and bugs can use the access hole to open the lid.

Contact: (480) 753-5753;

LaMotte Company

The new easy-to-use WaterLink Spin lab (Code #3576) in-store water analysis system measures a customer’s pool or spa water in just 60 seconds. The photometer measures 11 different pool and spa tests, including Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Calcium Hardness, Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, Copper, Iron, Biguanide, and Biguanide Shock.

Contact: (800) 344-3100;

Leisure Pools USA Trading

Leisure Pools has developed and patented the new Composite Armour swimming pool. Designed to significantly reinforce and strengthen the fiberglass pool with a strategically integrated laminate consisting of DuPont Kevlar, Carbon Fiber and Basalt Fiber, it is available with a full Vinyl Ester Resin Construction, which provides improved strength and prevents water penetration in to the laminate, say company officials.

Contact: (830) 387-4020;


Using simple physics, this new universal skimmer housing upgrade from AquaPower increases suction, filtration and flushing, which allows pumps to run less during operation times and leads to energy savings, say company officials.

Contact: (866) 297-6937;

Confer Plastics

The all new Confer Curve Pool Step starts out as a single unit and expands to form the complete curve system. Steps are available in both above ground and inground models. The new warm gray [beige] color complements today’s pools, and the snap-together construction makes assembly easy.

Contact: (800) 635-3213;


The new Resort model by Marquis combines a sophisticated and organic look with function, boasting two pumps, multi-level open seating for five — including a lounge with H.O.T. Zone lumbar jets, an Adirondack with H.O.T. Zone shoulder jets and extreme foot jets, and two deep therapy seats — entry/cool down, and optional Aroma Infusions and Adagio audio.

Contact: (800) 275-0888;

Endurance Pool Products

The new ProTech Cover for heaters from Endurance Pool Products is designed to cover only the top portion of the unit. It is equipped with a support system to allow for drainage and air flow. The sides are protected with a breathable mesh material that keeps out debris and moisture. Every cover is custom made to fit and is held in place with buckles and straps.

Contact: (732) 244-1444;


CoverLogix’s new 9000MX winter safety cover combines strong, self-draining mesh material with heavy-duty suspension springs. The material also offers practically 100 percent UV protection, so water gets through but light does not, inhibiting algae growth so pool openings are easier and cleaner in the spring. Available in exclusive designer patterns.

Contact: (855) 992-6837

Outdoor GreatRoom Company

The new Uptown Fire Pit Table from The Outdoor GreatRoom Co. features a Super Cast surround for a sleek look and a stylish granite lower level that accommodates food and beverages while also creating a reflection.

Contact: (866) 303-4028;

Megna Pools

Megna Pools now offers the industry’s only patented Pool Leveling System, which can be used to install an entire in-ground pool kit by one man and a ¾-inch socket. Using it eliminates the need to physically lift walls, stops the loosening of line stakes for physical lifting, replaces the need for unsightly shims and allows for better concrete coverage under the pool panels.

Contact: (866) 580-1115;

Hot Spring Spas

The Bolt, new from Hot Spring Spas, is ideal for consumers with limited space or who require 110V electrical set up. The most compact model in the Limelight Collection, the unit features 17 jets with stainless steel trim, 16 multi-color points of light, contemporary sculpting throughout the shell, and open seating for four. It also is available with exclusive options, including the ACE salt water sanitizing system and wireless entertainment.

Contact: (800) 999-4688;

Canadian Spa Company

Canadian Spa Co. offers the new Muskoka Plug & Play Portable Spa for customers seeking a conveniently sized hot tub.

Contact: (877) 347-7727;

Pentair Aquatic Systems

Pentair’s commercial Intellizone ozone generator uses ozone’s oxidation and sanitation power combined with traditional chlorine systems to produce the clearest pool water possible, say company officials. In addition to reducing chlorine consumption by as much as 50 percent, the NSF 50-approved unit reduces chemical odors indoors and has no harmful byproducts. It is available in eight sizes.

Contact: (800) 831-7133;


The Polaris 9400 Sport robotic pool cleaner features a 7-day programmable timer, new caddy and lift system, 4-wheel drive for climbing steps and navigating obstacles, and an ActivMotion Sensor for reduced cord tangling. With the touch of a button, the 9400’s lift system sends the cleaner to the pool surface for quick and effortless removal, say company officials.

Contact: (877) 327-1403;

D&D Technologies

D&D Technologies’ new LokkLatch Magnetic features an “industry-first,” unique push/pull action magnetic latching system, say company officials. It uses patented magnetic/lost motion with dual re-keyable 6-pin locks and vertical/horizontal adjustment. It can be customized with optional trim covers in black, brushed metal or chrome.

Contact: (800) 716-0888;

Backyard America

Backyard America now offers the Trex Pergola, featuring the ColorLast finishing process, a highly durable coating that is resistant to scratches and chips, and performs well under extreme temperatures and moisture. It is available in nine standard colors to coordinate with Trex decking and railing, or it can be matched with any custom color.

Contact: (877) 489-8064;


Business Management Software by Evosus now features an integrated Customer Loyalty Program so pool and spa retailers can rapidly and seamlessly set up and track loyalty rewards programs. The feature is completely customizable for each dealer.

Contact: (866) 235-5103;

Lass Enterprises

The new Eyeball Seat Wrench III from Lass Enterprises is designed to fit a wide variety of threaded 1 ½-inch eyeball seats. Machined from a solid block of aluminum, the wrench slides into the slots of the eyeball seat and allows the user to provide balanced torque, which enables the removal of the eyeball seat without damage to it or the threaded fitting in the pool wall.

Contact: (407) 682-6334;

Canadian General Tower

The continuous tile border of this vinyl liner pattern from Canadian General Tower features rich hues of blue and taupe to mimic the feel of the classically designed fountains of historic New Orleans. To create the look shown, Bourbon Street tile is paired with new Plaza floor, a mixture of tiny mosaic blue tiles.

Contact: (800) 265-7872;

Zodiac Pool Systems

The new Zodiac AquaLink Z4 controller operates up to four circuits and three valve actuators. It seamlessly integrates with iAquaLink, which allows pool owners to control their pool from any smart- or web-enabled device.

Contact: (800) 822-7933;


RecWaterTec’s new line of swimming pool specialty chemicals, Pool Prescriptions, contain proprietary, concentrated formulas tableted to quickly treat cloudy water, stain and scale formation, phosphate and organic build-up.

Contact: (800) 507-5651;

Natural Current

The new 60 watt Savior Solar Powered Surface Skimmer, Light and Control Center from Natural Current will skim any pool, spa or pond all day, say company officials. Available with a solar-powered rechargeable battery attachment, it features a light attachment with full RGB color pallet range that can be operated using a smartphone or handheld device to change color, brightness or mood.

Contact: (855) 372-8467;

Designing Fire

The octagon granite tabletop of Designing Fire’s Oriflamme Fire Table now is available in Absolute Black and Giallo Fiorito. It also comes with one of seven uniquely designed burners and artistic glass in 24 color options.

Contact: (800) 445-4559;


The all new, patent-pending Skimmer Grille by SimPoolTec conceals skimmer hardware while simultaneously keeping unwanted items from entering the skimmer, such as floating dispensers, noodles, toys, thermometers and more. No installation or tools are required. Simply push the grille in place on just about any existing faceplate.

Contact: (800) 630-2456;


Fabcote’s Ultimate Pool is now available with attachable siding for a more stylish look. The pool can be installed above ground, semi inground or fully inground and is available in seven sizes.

Contact: (800) 815-6083;


The proven traditional design of Spaccessories’ Cover Classic Spa Cover Lift makes it simple and easy to install, say company officials. Featuring bottom mount and handles up to 99 inches, the unit is constructed of powder coated black aluminum and is available with optional brackets for round spas and under cabinet application.

Contact: (888) 772-5438;

Freeflow Spas

Freeflow Spas’ seven-person plug-n-play Monterey model features all new enhancements, including a molded-in ice bucket that can hold up to six cans and one large bottle; stylized jet recesses; graphite jets with stainless steel trim; a waterfall; a textured footwell; top-side control valves and a bartop design.

Contact: (888) 961-7727;


Mi-Way’s Pool and Spa Aqua Combs are USA-made, handheld devices that attach to a standard garden hose and feature a 3-inch water spray with a 9-finger pic comb to easily clean cartridge filters in 3-to-5 minutes. It even will remove marsite and desert dust fines.

Contact: (941) 922-7786;


Spazazz’s new Sport Therapy – Rebuild offers relief after intense physical activity, say company officials.

Contact: (801) 417-5695;

L.A. Spas

L.A. Spas’ new Adventure Hot Tubs are available in six models with three trim levels and feature Aqua Klean filtration, CD ozone, LED lighting and waterfalls.

Contact: (714) 501-9608;


ControlOMatic’s new MiniChlor spa salt water system generates continuous spa sanitation without moving parts, separate buttons, control boxes or timers. The unit produces chlorine or bromine on three-hour cycles.

Contact: (530) 205-4520;


Rec1Products now offers MobilePings, a sales continuation tool utilizing sms, email and voice communication technology transmitted via a secured user gateway to remind and educate customers on the importance of regular pool or spa maintenance and filter cleanings. It also will send out coupons and incentives.

Contact: (801) 737-5750;

Gecko Alliance

The new audio system by Gecko Alliance is simple to install and is compatible with many audio sources, including iPods and smart phones equipped with Bluetooth wireless capability. Digital music files or internet radio from the device will be sent to located under the spa.

Contact: (800) 784-3256;

H2flow Controls

H2flow Controls’ FlowVis flow meter is the first and only one in the swimming pool industry to receive NSF Certification, say company officials. The unit underwent an extensive array of tests to confirm its accuracy, reliability and overall performance. The tests concluded that FlowVis has an average accuracy of 2.01 percent based on a flow rate of 20 -110 GPM, regardless of proximity to elbows and tees.

Contact: (888) 635-0296;


Within seconds of landing on the pool bottom, BioLab’s Angry Egg clears cloudy water. Once the container is emptied, it uses sink-to-float technology and rises back to the surface for easy removal. After the action-cleaning foam has dissipated, the pool is ready for bathers. Angry Egg is recommended for use after events such as pool parties, severe weather, pool openings and more.

Contact: (800) 859-7946;

SR Smith

SR Smith’s new salt-friendly, CPSC compliant heliX slide features a water delivery system that provides “splashing fun” from top to bottom, says company officials.

Contact: (800) 824-4387;

Kayden Manufacturing

The new Pool Bladder from Kayden Manufacturing is an easy-to-use, 5,000-gallon capacity, temporary water storage unit. Ideal for liner replacement jobs and other needs, the unit measures 16 feet square but is available in other sizes upon request.

Contact: (201) 880-9898;

Davey Water Products

The new NSF-approved Eco-matic ESC Max Semi-Commercial Salt Chlorinator from Davey Water Products is designed to operate 18 to 20 hours per day. Ideal for hotels, HOAs or other low-to-medium bather load pools where residential units might otherwise be installed, the unit is available in two sizes: ESC Max (50 grams per hour) and ESC Max Plus (100 grams per hour). It features a reverse polarity high-flow cell, a robust, heavy-duty power control box with a viewing window, a cooling fan, a large heat sink and easy-to-use control with LED indicators.

Contact: (877) 885-0585;

PDC Spas

PDC Spas’ new Yukon model in the River Series seats seven and features 45 hydrotherapy jets.

Contact: (800) 451-1420;


Waterway’s Booster Pump is a replacement for any 3/4 HP booster pump suitable for all pool pressure cleaners. Optimized for reliability, durability and efficiency, it comes equipped with everything needed to install or retrofit the pump: soft tube connector, pump quick connect retainer, and six feet of reinforced flexible pump hose. It also features a high-efficiency square flange 3/4 HP, 230/115 V motor.

Contact: (805) 981-0262;

Cal Spas

Cal Spas’ new Fountain of Youth is a hydrotherapy spa that delivers deep tissue message to key stress-prone areas of the user’s body. It also utilizes technology that moisturizes and cleanses the skin with oxygen-rich microbubbles that lift away impurities and leave the skin feeling clean and smooth, say company officials.

Contact: (800) 225-7727;

Go Chemless

The new patent-pending Go Chemless Swimming Pool Bio Sanitizer uses natural minerals, green technology and modern computing power to help combat viruses, fungi, bacteria and algae using natural ions that help facilitate the sanitation process without harmful chemicals, say company officials.

Contact: (855) 424-3653;

Red Leopard

Red Leopard’s new Big Ole Brush features a weighted design and fanned nylon bristles for enhanced ergonomic cleaning. It also won’t collapse while sweeping walls, floors or steps, say company officials.

Contact: (352) 746-3869;

Flexible Solutions

Flexible Solutions’ HeatSavr now is available in a new weekly liquid solar pool cover dosage rate for residential pool owners. Customers can now dose their pools only once every seven days at the rate of four ounces per 15,000 to 20,000 gallons. A single bottle will last an average of two months.

Contact: (800) 661-3560;

Black and Stone

EzyFlame outdoor and indoor tabletop decorative fire features from Black and Stone, models EZDF210 and EZDF230, are fueled with clean-burning denatured ethanol and feature a 304 grade stainless steel burner surrounded by tempered glass.

Contact: (800) 605-2515;


Sensorex’s patent-pending PH-1 pH meter accessory for i-devices plugs into the standard Apple dock connector and uses a Sensorex pH electrode to measure pH accuracy up to .01 pH, with a measurement range of 0-14. The free App displays pH, millivolts, ambient temperature and solution temperature in real time. The CE marked device supports 1,2,3 or more calibration points and sends readings by email. When used with a GPS-enabled device, the App records measurements with timestamp and geographic coordinates.

Contact: (714) 895-4344;

LASCO Fittings

LASCO Fittings new line of fully engineered compact repair couplings, UltraFix, are compact in design to fit into small spaces, enabling the repair of a broken pipe or the installation of a new valve without replacing a large section of a pipe. The dual EPDM O-Rings assure a leak-free installation. Because the o-ring seals in the full travel of the piston, UltraFix also can be used as an expansion joint.

Contact: (800) 776-2756;