Here are four new products from Jack's Magic Products, Shock Alert, BioClimatic Structures, and SenSafe.

That Pink Stuff

The Magenta Stuff is product designed to remove tile line scale. As long as the water chemistry is correct, users can raise the water level to above the tile line and leave The Magenta Stuff in for at least two weeks. The process is supposed to remove scale without having to scrub the tile. The product is also designed to control plaster dust, metals and minerals. Contact: Jack’s Magic Products Inc, (727) 243-8650:

Electric Warning

Designed to warn users in case of electricity in pool water, the Shock Alert is a volt detector and alarm system. It can be used in swimming pools, hot tubs and docks. The system monitors the water 24/7 and an alarm sounds when 5 or more volts of electricity is detected. It’s designed to prevent electrocution from shorts in underwater lights and other electrical equipment. The product is powered by a 9-volt battery. Contact: Safewater Systems Inc, (941) 916-7120:

Rain or Shine

Solisysteme pergolas have been available in Europe for awhile, but they are now officially available in the United States. The pergolas transform and expand outdoor living spaces in all types of weather conditions. Aluminum louvers adjust sunlight fluctuations to make ventilation in hot weather. They can be closed to form a gutter system when it rains. The design is supposed to be able to fit any existing architectural configuration.

Contact: BioClimatic Structures, LLC, (973) 513-7016:

Product Update News

The eXact iDip Photometer System has been around for awhile but Industrial Test Systems recently updated the photometer with new calculations. Now, users can find calculations for the Langlier Saturation Index and Magnesium Hardness. Automatic caluclations have been added that are designed find desired values and display them on a smart phone or on the iDip. For more information call (800) 329-9712 or go to