• Mobile POS line buster feature

    Check out this new product

  • RB Control Systems Offers New Payment Option

    Online Bill Pay Offers Convenience

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    Waterway Introduces Spa Pack

    Waterway Plastics' Signature Series Spa Pack features a reliable, state-of-the-art electronic circuit design.

  • Taking Control

    Getting customers to spend substantial amounts of money for improved pool electronics can be a tough sell.

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    Working Together

    As helpful as new technologies might be, a foolproof, all-in-one pool sanitation solution still hasn’t been invented yet.

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    Avoid Overcalibration

    A frequently made mistake in the use of automatic controllers takes place on the commercial side.

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    Palm Pilot

    Thirteen years ago, Eloy Sherlock and his partner, Bernard Zimring, sealed a deal for their pool-building firm by signing a contract on a paper napkin.

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    In Control

    A handful of leading manufacturers have introduced products that connect automation systems to smart devices so consumers and industry professionals can monitor and control settings using a Web-enabled app.

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    Rise of the Machines

    Robotic pool cleaners are moving west.

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    Points on Price

    While internet dealers may conjure more negative characteristics of underbidding and unaccountability, a dedicated effort by manufacturers has kept robotics viable for traditional industry players.

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    Energy-Conscious Cleaning

    Pool pumps have been a focal point for energy efficiency in several states. Automatic cleaners may be next.


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