Made from 90 percent post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, the Aladdin ECOLine offers an environmentally responsible solution to the water filtration needs of the pool and spa industry. Each square foot of material removes one 16-oz. plastic bottle from the landfills. Contact: (941) 371-3732;


APi’s new product, PEPPER, is formulated to work specifically with the unique demands of saltwater pools. It enhances water clarity by oxidizing debris and helps filter performance. It also improves sanitizer effectiveness, helps maintain low phosphate levels, limits pH fluctuations, and prevents scale buildup on the generator cell, pool equipment and surfaces. The product is compatible with all pool surfaces and equipment, plus there is no waiting to swim. Use just twice a month. Contact: (561) 743-0449;

Aqua Creek Products

Aqua Creek now offers a new line of affordable, high-quality aquatic exercise equipment to help people stay fit. These pool bikes are made from durable, corrosion-resistant type 316L stainless steel. They feature ergonomic and adjustable designs, progressive resistance, and nonslip foot pedals suitable to be used with bare feet. Contact: (406) 549-0769;

AquaCal AutoPilot

The Pool Pilot Digital Nano+ is a salt chlorine generator that maintains pools up to 28,000 gallons. Its digital readout displays the salt level, the amount of salt to add and water temperature compensation, and it operates at all salt levels – 2,000 to 35,000 ppm. It works with the patented AutoPilot Manifold and operates at flow rates less than 15 gpm. Contact: (727) 823-5642;

Aquastar Pool Products

Aquastar’s patent-pending, 20-inch Full Circle Suction Outlet Cover and One-Port Manufactured Sump is surrounded by pebble/plaster so it appears to blend into the pool’s finish. It also features a disposable plaster shield to eliminate debris from entering the sump. The integrated AquaStop prevents water leaks. Contact: (877) 768-2717;


UV Connect allows UV equipment owners to view the status of their equipment at any time and from any location. Utilizing a small hardware device and a smartphone or tablet, users can receive real-time information on system performance, alarm status, lamp running hours and other critical operating parameters. The software platform also gives the user a direct link to the manufacturer by providing the ability to request quotes and service support. Contact: (859) 341-0710;

Arch Chemicals

Ultima Endure Water Conditioner clarifies, conditions and controls algae in pool water. Its special formulation prevents algae while creating softer-feeling water that is gentle on swimmers’ hair and eyes. Available in 10-, 20- and 45-pound sizes. Contract: (800) 445-2059;

Balboa Water Group

Almost all new electronic devices today have touch-screen interfaces. With Balboa’s new spaTouch, the hot tub can have one, too. Based on Balboa’s patented touch-panel technology, the spaTouch panel’s intuitive screens make controlling the tub easy. Contact: (714) 384-0384;


Spa Start-Up is formulated to remove phosphates, metals (copper, iron, etc.) and other organic debris from hot tub water. Spa Start-Up should be used after every refill to prevent scaling and stains, and to keep water clear. Contact: (855) 514-3370;


SaltScapes Saltwater Pool Care is a “salt-specific” product line that addresses the challenges of salt cell generators and the impact of saline chlorination on water condition. SaltScapes includes everything pool owners need to keep their saltwater sparkling and to protect their cell generator equipment and pool surfaces. Contact: (800) 859-7946;

Cal Spas

Cal Spa’s Ultimate Fitness Swim Spa F1420 offers a complete at-home aquatic gym. For an enhanced aquatic experience, the F1420 offers fitness anchors for optional Cal Flex Exercise Equipment and Tether Bar Kit. Contact: (800) 225-7727;

Biosafe Systems

Biosafe Systems offers a complete lineup of pool and spa products under the GreenCleanMax brand: Granular Algaecide kills, controls and works to prevent algae; Non-Chlorine Shock treats organic buildup, wastes, oils and lotions in pool water; Moss, Mold and Mildew Treatment is safe to use on wood decks, patios, pool ladders and outdoor furniture. Contact: (860) 290-8890;

Caldera Spas

Tarina, Caldera’s newest model in its Vacanza series, is a full-size spa that plugs into a regular backyard electrical outlet with a dedicated 115V/20-amp breaker. Its double-lounge design seats up to five adults and includes 24 powerful jets, the relaxing Aquarella waterfall and underwater LED “points of light” to illuminate and enhance spa use and backyard ambiance. Additional options include wireless sound system with Bluetooth technology and iPhone dock. It’s available in four colors. Contact: (760) 305-4180;

Blue-White Industries

Blue-White’s BW Digi-Meter F-1000 series of battery-powered, electronic flowmeters provides quick, reliable flow verification for pools and spas. The paddlewheel insertion meter features an easy-to-read, six-digit LCD display; factory calibration; weather-resistant NEMA 4X enclosure; corrosion-resistant PVDF Sensor; large calibrated flow range; minimal maintenance; excellent accuracy; and no pressure drop. It’s available in a variety of configuration and material options for in-line and saddle mount installation. Contact: (714) 893-8529;

Canadian General-Tower

Using deep blue color tones, the continuous tile border of the new Riverside pattern by Canadian General-Tower Ltd. wraps around the pool in a manner reminiscent of etched stone in Italian fountains. Paired with a floor design of tiny mosaic blue tiles that sparkle under water, this pattern provides a classic look. Contact: (800) 265-7872;


Century’s V-Green 270 variable-speed pump motor with integrated timer is capable of delivering energy savings of more than 80 percent vs. a standard single-speed motor. It’s well suited for pump applications ranging from ¾- to 2.7 total horsepower. The pump features a state-of-the-art user interface, on-screen navigation, ergonomic selector switch and pre-set programs. Contact: (800) 543-9450;

Conger Concepts

Conger Concepts Inc. has released a line of pool service carts designed with the service technician in mind. No-flat, no-mark tires protect customers’ decks and walkways. Carts come with a powder-coated custom finish on a durable framework. Optional features include hose rack, vacuum head receiver and waterproof net. Contact: (805) 235-4586;

Columbia Pool Products

Columbia’s Deluxe Mid-Range Sand Filter System is a new system with a new component configuration. Features include new PL16-6 filter tank with larger capacity, deluxe valve, 1hp pump, 1.5-inch hoses and connections, large HLX strainer and tank base. The system will handle all sizes of aboveground pools. Contact: (718) 402-8233;


ChlorMaker DO is a drape-over spa saltwater system specifically designed as an affordable way to retrofit any spa in the marketplace. A good up-sell product, simply install the easy-to-use, push-button control panel to the spa skirting, add 1.5 pounds of salt per 100 gallons of spa water, install the cell and plug it in. The system makes chlorine on a three-hour cycle with adjustable output. Its automatic self-cleaning, salt level indication and usage boost mode reduce spa maintenance. Contact: (530) 205-4520;


CoverLogix Advanced Safety Covers has created a new product designed specifically to extract hard-to-remove safety cover deck anchors. The anchor extractor extracts the anchor and the shell, eliminating the struggle to pull existing anchors out of the deck. It can be combined with CoverLogix plotting software. Contact: (855) 992-6837;

Desert Steel

  • Credit: DARREN_McClintockd

Desert Steel’s Saguaro Cactus outdoor torch is made of rust-resistant galvanized steel. The hollow structure is available in two sizes, 6.5 feet and 5 feet, and features verdigris patina for lifelike color, with a hole in the base to accommodate landscape lighting. Contact: (316) 282-2244;

Delta UV

Delta UV’s new EZ Spa Series, for spas and hot tubs, uses powerful UV-C ray lamps to destroy microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, algae, yeast and mold — things not always eradicated by chlorine and bromine. The Delta UV unit reduces chemical use and eliminates chlorine smells, irritated skin and eyes, and damaged hair. Contact: (866) 899-8765;

Diamond Spas


Diamond Spas’ Stainless Steel Inground Spa is made with custom steps that lead down to a bench seat large enough for eight bathers. Made from recycled stainless steel, the durable metal spa can withstand the elements, making it ideal for outdoor applications. Contact: (800) 864-9115;


DryCASE is a plastic bag that renders any smartphone, tablet or other electronic device waterproof once the device is inserted and the air pumped out of the bag. Certified to 100 feet underwater, the DryCASE allows customers to text, talk, listen to music and take photos and videos while the device is protected by a waterproof, vacuum seal. A neoprene band can be used to mount DryCASE to any outdoor gear. Contact: (888) 600-0379;

Elemental Herbs

Those going outdoors can keep covered from head to toe with Elemental Herbs’ all-natural sun care products, which go on smooth and clear. Offering UVA/UVB protection with organic healing herbs and oils, the products contain pure, non-nano zinc oxide as an active ingredient. The new, biodegradable formulas are ideal for swimming, running, hiking or just playing in the sun. Contact: (805) 773-1000;


Evosus integrated business software has partnered with Centerlogic Inc. to provide customers with reliable data backup and recovery services in the event of a flood, fire, theft, hardware malfunction or other disaster. Evosus is designed as a proactive approach to safeguarding business data and ensuring minimal interruption in business flow when data restoration is needed. Completely automated, the service streamlines reporting and validates information was received and stored. Contact: (866) 235-5103;


Fabcote’s new Ultimate Pool is perfect for sloping backyards and can be installed as an aboveground, semi-inground or even as an inground. This package pool is designed at a constant depth of 4 feet to meet today’s demand for shallower pools, and is made of 14-gauge galvanized powder-coated steel for unmatched strength. It’s available in seven different sizes and shapes. An aluminum dual track liner lock, synthetic wood top seat, inground quality skimmer and return are included. All necessary hardware, drive stakes, a top-quality ladder and beaded liner come with it as well. Contact: (800) 815-6083;


Neptune is a waterproof MP3 player, made by Finis Inc., that uses bone conduction to provide high-quality sound in the water without the use of ear buds. With 4GB of storage, aquatic athletes can listen to music, audio books and podcasts. Neptune attaches securely to goggle straps and rests on the cheekbones, so it does not interfere with swimming. Contact: (925) 290-2638;

Frank Wall Enterprises

New from Frank Wall Enterprises is the AquaForms B622 in-wall bench form system. The system will pour four different sizes of concrete benches (7-, 9-, 10- and 12 feet) for the concrete wall vinyl-liner pool. The modular bench form system allows the builder the choice of bench size for different-length wall placements. For the smallest bench, 1.5 cubic yards of concrete are required, and 2.75 cubic yards for the largest. Contact: (800) 488-9146;

Freeflow Spas

The Freeflow Cascina is a compact spa that sits deeper than spas of comparable size and retails for $2,999. It has a built-in cascading waterfall feature and is 230V convertible. This compact model allows retailers to target a new customer base with low pricing, but without sacrificing quality and comfort. Contact: (888) 961-7727;

Galaxy Outdoor

The Galaxy Kamado Rocket is a versatile, stainless steel grill, smoker and oven that can be used with gas, wood and charcoal fuels. Made in the USA., the tile finish gives the kamado-style cooker a distinctive look. Contact: (702) 448-5600;


The SandPRO 25 by Great American Merchandise & Events is designed for smaller softsided and steel-wall abovegrounds. Ultraquiet and an energy saver, it cleans faster than standard cartridge filters. It has a high-flow rate motor, lower hp pump; multiport valve and a hair/lint strainer basket. Included are 32mm, 40mm, 1 1/4-inch and 1 1/2-inch hose fittings, and adapters for Intex pools. It comes with a full replacement 90-day warranty. Contact: (888) 382-5988;

Guardian Pool Fence Systems

Guardian Pool Fence Systems Inc.’s innovative “No Holes Pool Fence” requires no drilling into deck or surface of property; fence sits in a specially designed base; each base is 3 feet long, 15 inches across and weighs 65 pounds when filled with water. Contact: (800) 366-7233;

H2flow Controls

The LevelSmart AutoFill System from H2flow Controls Inc. is a wireless water leveling system for the home pool or spa. It installs quickly and easily, and works with the existing equipment to maintain a constant water level in the swimming pool, spa, fountain or waterfeature. Contact: (888) 625-0296;

Haviland Pool & Spa

Nature’s Care is Haviland Pool & Spa’s line of treatment products created to utilize natural enzymes, environmentally responsible manufacturing techniques and packaging made from recycled materials. Contact: (800) 333-0400;

Hayward Pool Products

Designed to be simple and intuitive for users, Hayward Pool Products’ touch screen-based automation system, OmniLogic, decreases the time builders spend ordering, installing, programming, training and supporting. The new controller combines the multiplatform, modern interfaces of today’s consumer electronics with an intelligent, modular system architecture that promises to make installing and programming easier and more efficient than traditional controllers. Contact: (908) 351-5400;

Home Port Computer

The Pool Watch water analysis software from Home Port Computer now is able to share one customer data file across multiple store locations and mobile pool service crews via the Internet. The system can be fully integrated with point-of-sale data. Contact: (866) 275-0547;

Horizon Pool & Spa Parts

PAL LED Optics is an LED swimming pool perimeter and waterfeature light. Control of the color shows is accomplished with a handheld remote or optional app for smartphones. PAL LED Optics can be installed as a stand-alone system or integrated with all new and existing PAL Color Touch light control systems. UL listing of all products allows commercial installation. Contact: (866) 388-3398;

Hot Spring Portable Spas

The Gleam, the newest addition to Hot Spring’s Limelight Collection, is more than 9 feet long and 38 inches deep, with seating for eight. It features 58 directional jets, 13 specialized hydrotherapy jets, the patented Moto-Massage DX moving jet — dual nozzles that direct powerful streams of water up and down the entire length of the back — and the Raio point-of-light system. Contact: (760) 598-6464;

Industrial Test Systems

The new eXact iDip by Industrial Test Systems harnesses the power of smart devices and the simplicity of design to handle complex water testing. The smartphone app is designed to work seamlessly with the waterproof, handheld unit, with parameter information, data storage and GPS tracking included. Contact: (803) 329-9712;

HVAC Covers

These custom-made pool heater covers are designed for off-season use, and made to fit the make and model of the end user’s pool heater/heat pump unit with enough clearance from the bottom to allow sufficient air flow and to avoid condensation. Made of heavy-duty vinyl with a fleece-like backing, the covers are available in an assortment of colors.Contact: (727) 862-7309;


New Sundeck tables are designed specifically for sundecks in vinyl-liner and gunite pools. The table mounts into a 1.90-inch-diameter bronze anchor or can be retrofitted in a 1.50-inch-diameter umbrella anchor using Inter-Fab’s proprietary “Adapter.” Available in seven colors, the table comes with an 18-inch-tall support pole, assembles quickly and can be removed without tools. Contact: (800) 737-5386;

IPS Controllers

The NSF certification requirements are making their way into building codes and IPS Controllers, manufacturer of chemical controllers, has achieved NSF certification under NSF/ANSI 50 on all models it produces. IPS Controllers offers a full line of chemical controllers with a variety of features at different price points for pools, spas and waterfeatures of all sizes. Contact: (877) 693-6904;

J&J Electronics

J&J Electronics introduces its new LED Underwater Fountain Luminaries. Available in “Color Changing,” “Warm White” and “Cool White,” the system features contemporary styling, stainless steel construction and a zero-pixilation lens. Contact: (800) 735-4553;

Jack’s Magic Products

The Magenta Stuff from Jack’s Magic Products is a fast-acting solution that helps remove stains and scale and protects all pool finishes. Ideal for start-ups and for use with all sanitizing systems, including salt chlorine generators, it also promises to help extend cell life, control plaster dust, metals and minerals, and will not yield phosphates. Contact: (800) 348-1656;

LaMotte Co.

In just 60 seconds, LaMotte Co.’s Mobile WaterLink Spin photometer measures free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, pH, calcium harness, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, copper, iron and borate. All of the test results are sent through Bluetooth to the user’s smartphone or tablet device. Contact: (800) 344-3100;

Kwik Tek

Everyone loves to play an exciting game of cornhole with their friends. Now the action comes to the water with Airhead Lob the Blob. This instant-classic floating game tests a player’s skill at sinking the blobs into the 10-inch hole. The whole family can join in, and it’s portable so it can be taken just about anywhere. The game is constructed of heavy-gauge PVC with a Speed Safety Valve for fast inflation and deflation. Contact: (303) 733-3722;

Latham Pool Products

As an option for its automatic safety pool covers, Coverstar upgraded the capabilities of its control pad to include WiFi-enabled features. The Coverstar WiFi Touch Pad now can tap into the owner’s own network to send text or email alerts when the cover is opened or closed, when any user logs in, or if the cover is left open for longer than a time set by the homeowner. Contact: (800) 617-7283;

Magic Plastics

Switch out and upgrade center-poppet spring or swing check acme threaded valves with Magic Plastics’ new Retro Replacement Smart Check valve bodies. There is no longer a need to purchase the entire valve assembly and discard the union fittings. Retro is sold separately as a replacement body in 1½- and 2-inch sizes. The light half-pound spring allows you to install the valve in any orientation while still achieving a 100 percent full-flow opening. Contact: (800) 369-0303;


  • Credit: Craig Wagner

The Epic hot tub from Marquis has three High Output Therapy (HOT) zones – lumbar, shoulder and pillar – and includes a dual geyser jet system. Epic is now available with Marquis’ MicroSilk System. Contact: (800) 275-0888;

Master Spas

Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas by Master Spas now have a new workout app for the iPad called SNAPP (SwimNumber APP). Select a pre-programmed workout or create your own custom workout and press “start.” The app allows the propulsion system to vary the speed of the water current at timed increments while the user is swimming. SNAPP also includes expert video workouts for swimming, triathlete training and aquatic exercise. Contact: (260) 436-9100;

MIDE Products

MIDE Products’ Pool Toy Storage Net is made from marine-grade stretch netting sewn on three sides, with an elastic rope opening that stretches to store larger items. The nets are available in small (24-by-36-inches) and large (36-by-48 inch), and come with aluminum, powder-coated hooks that make the nets easy to hang from a fence. Contact: (888) 243-7019;

Meyco Pool Covers

Weighing 50 percent less than a typical solid safety cover, the weave in Meyco’s RuggedMesh lets water drain from the surface while filtering out finer particles and blocking pool-damaging sunlight. The result is a cleaner pool with less maintenance. Available in blue, mocha and gray. Contact: (864) 804-5900;


MistAMERICA’s Mist360 outdoor cooling system has been upgraded with a stronger, quieter fan. The Mist360 integrates misting with a high-speed fan that disperses cool, dry air in a 360-degree pattern. The cool air, derived from evaporated mist, cools outdoor areas effectively, even when temperatures are extreme and humidity high. Contact: (602) 255.0500;


The Aqua Comb from Mi-Way is a flat, handheld water sprayer with a pic-comb attached. It is designed to dig into the pleats of a pool or spa cartridge filter and pull out the bugs, vegetation and other debris. The flat, wide spray acts like a wall to drive the loosened debris from the pleats. Contact: (941) 922-7786;


The 2014 edition of the National Swimming Pool Foundation’s Pool & Spa Operator Handbook now is available in English and Spanish, with important updates in chapters 2, 6, 16 and Appendix C-3. This fundamental training and reference manual is valued by professionals who help protect people using aquatics venues. The handbook also is a key teaching tool utilized by NSPF instructors when they conduct the Certified Pool/Spa Operator (CPO) Course. Contact: (719) 540-9119;

Nemo Tools

Nemo is a submersible electric drill. Unlike pneumatic and hydraulic systems, which require compressors and tubing, the Nemo is battery powered, making it easy to use underwater and on dry land. Contact: (415) 704-4363;


In 25 minutes or less, Orbeco-Hellige’s Early Detection Legionella Test Kits can provide a yes or no result for the presence of the most commonly recorded cause of Legionnaires’ disease. The test is a useful tool for source detection and checking that remedial actions took effect. Contact: (941) 756-6410;

Nordic Hot Tubs

The new Nordic Encore LS has two sets of neck therapy jets and a new multiple-cluster jet seat for total back massage. Other features include 53 jets (all now fully adjustable), two pumps, whirlpool, LED lighting and a waterfall. Contact: (888) 438-8827;

Paramount Pool & Spa Systems

The iJet from Paramount Pool & Spa Systems automatically adjusts its orifice size to expand and contract based on changing flow rates. With the pump running at lower speeds the patent-pending iJet acts as a 3/8-inch return, providing optimal water velocity, agitation and circulation vs. a standard 3/4-inch return. Contract: (800) 621-5886;

Pebble Technology

With PTx-Colors, a collaboration between Pebble Technology and Artisticolors, instead of being limited to traditional pool colors, design professionals can offer homeowners multiple hues with almost infinite variations. The process involves selecting from color samples, which are used to create specific custom blends of pigment using PTx, Pebble’s proprietary blend. The interior surfaces of custom pools now can be rendered using the flexibility of the color wheel in a material that will last longer than regular plaster. Contact: (800) 937-5058;

Pen Fabricators

E-Z VIEW steps by Pen Fabricators use the liner floor pattern over the steps, with an additional white or blue “stripe” welded on the point where the riser meets the tread. The stripes are approximately 2 inches wide on the tread, with an additional 2 inches on the riser, making it easy for swimmers to see the steps going in or out of the pool. It’s good for today’s printed, textured material for vinyl-covered steps. Contact: (800) 359-5350;

Pentair Aquatic Systems

The new Kreepy Krauly Racer Pressure-Side Inground Pool Cleaner from Pentair is a fast, pressure-side cleaner. With Night Cruize LED lights, it can be used for cleaning after dark. Contact: (919) 566-8315;

Periodic Products

  • Credit: Picasa

MetalXtract from Periodic Products removes iron, copper and manganese from pool and spa water. It is nontoxic, works in fresh- and saltwater, and does not interact with any other pool chemicals. Place it in the pump basket or skimmer basket and as water passes over, metals are permanently trapped inside. Just throw the used bag away when finished. MetalXtract works with all sequestrants, algaecides and ionizers. Contact: (954) 764-7654;


The Space Arena offers an affordable enclosure for pools so that owners can extend the swim season. The air-inflated dome is low maintenance with a low energy system, using a continuously operating, 110V variable-speed blower for operating costs of less than a 100-watt light bulb. Made of clear, UV-resistant vinyl, it’s specially formulated so it won’t discolor or lose resiliency in varying climates. Contact: (800) 348-2600;


  • Credit: Mary Ann Alwan

Pleatco Advanced Filter Cartridges center on a new, uniformly bonded filtration media that contains more fibers per unit area, offering greater volume dirt-holding capacity. With reduced pore size distribution, the fabric increases turbidity reduction via cross filtration flow, efficiently capturing dirt particles to achieve cleanliness and clarity. Contact: (516) 609-0200;

Pool Cover Specialists

Pool Cover Specialists’ Pool Watchdog Swimming Pool Safety Cam is a Wi-Fi-enabled “plug-n-play” IP camera that sends warnings via text or email to alert the homeowner when someone comes near the pool or opens the pool cover. The user can then assess the threat by streaming video on a smartphone, tablet or PC, giving the viewer an opportunity to take action if needed. It operates through an existing wireless router and Internet service so there are no monthly service fees. The interface can connect up to nine cameras, enabling other uses such as a nanny cam, yard cam or play-area cam. Works with any manufacturer’s automatic pool cover. Contact: (855) 766-5226;

Prozone Water Products

The Eco Master by Prozone Water Products combines germicidal UV with ozone and advanced oxidation processing. It delivers a nonchemical, nonchlorine, non-mineral oxidation and purification system to pools and spas. Its all-in-one design makes for easy installation. Dynamic flow venturi injectors are available in multiple sizes to accommodate flow rates. Contact: (256) 539-4570;


PortOPong’s inflatable beer pong table is available in blue, pink and an American flag-inspired design. It features 22 recessed cup holders for play in the pool, at tailgating parties or while on vacation. Constructed of heavy-duty vinyl and measuring 6 feet long, 35 inches wide and 4 inches high, each float includes four pool strings and two repair patches. Contact: (860) 966-2917;


Raypak introduces two new gas heaters to the market. The model 106 (105kbut) and the 156 (150kbtu) are for the aboveground pool market and spa heating. The 106 is an analog control; the 156 (shown) is a digital control unit. Electronic ignition is standard for both, and they feature finned tubing, stainless steel tube sheets and polymer headers. The heaters can be installed indoors with an optional drafthood. Contact: (805) 278-5300;

RB Control Systems

RB Control Systems’ programs enables users to strengthen customer relationships, improve inventory control and become more profitable by increasing productivity at the checkout counter, on the construction site and on service routes. Contact: (866) 933-9099;


Ritron’s Quick Assist wireless callbox enhances customer service and safety by providing guests with a fast, easy way to request assistance with mechanical lifts for pools. When the Quick Assist call button is depressed, two-way radio-equipped personnel are alerted with a customized voice message, allowing them to respond quickly and appropriately. Wireless and battery-operated, it works with existing two-way radios. Contact: (800) 872-1872;

S.R. Smith

  • Credit: Mike Vraneza

The New Rogue2 pool slide from S.R. Smith offers a retro look with a modern flume. It is 8 feet high and features a large, rotomolded flume that’s durable, keeps its color and resists scratching. It ships in one box, is designed for quick and easy assembly, and is fully CPSC-compliant. Contact: (800) 824-4387;


SeaKlear’s Natural Clarifier now is available in a single-dose, water-soluble pod. All natural and environmentally safe, one pod treats 500 gallons. Contact: (866) 995-5327;

Saratoga Spa Co.

The Whitman from the Saratoga Spa Co. utilizes a synthetic cabinet and ozone system to go with the LED water line and waterfall lighting. Therapy intensity is increased by the spa’s Turbo Boost system and nearly 40 jets. Contact: (518) 786-1200;

Spec Chem Direct

Spec Chem Direct’s new PhosZyme is designed to maintain phosphates below 200 ppb, and digest oil and organics to ensure clean water when pools are closed. It removes the food source for algae so pools are easy to close in the winter and open in the spring. The winterizing dosage is 16 ounces per 10,000 gallons of water. Contact: (425) 443-0082;

Speck Pumps

Speck Pumps’ new BaduJet Inspiration, an over-the-wall swimjet system, is good for inground and aboveground pools. The system features dual swimjets, for swimming against the current, and an LED light, for night swimming or night lighting. Contact: (800) 223-8538;

Splash-A-Round Pools

The Solar Heat Square is a new solar heating cover offered by Splash-A-Round Pools. The cover uses the sun to warm the water while reducing water evaporation and chemical loss. Features include the “No Flip Lip,” which keeps the cover anchored to the water surface in windy conditions. The large cover requires no inflation, is unsinkable and easy to use, remove and store. It is compatible with most pool cleaners. Contact: (909) 980-7709;

Strong Spas

The Titan Hardcover, made for Strong Spas’ Durasport G2 rotomolded spa, is built to withstand all weather and is tested to hold more than 1,000 pounds. The cover keeps the spa clean, warm and ready to use. It’s designed so adults can open easily. Contact: (877) 557-4922;

Triad Technologies

The ADA Easy Stair, from Triad Technologies, is fully ADA compliant and a cost-effective solution for pools requiring a secondary means of access. It is portable and removable, with no pool anchoring or bonding required, and has a load capacity of 500 pounds. The step now includes two-step entry platform option, wear strips for gutter lip, foot pads for vinyl liners and strap-on deck dolly. Contact: (800) 729-7514;

Sultan Products

Sultan Products’ Jet Array Inline therapy jet has no moving parts. It works on 18 gpm powering four jets, but can handle up to 55 gpm. Contact: (520) 499-2800;

Totally New Technologies

The SkimDoctor from Totally New Technologies uses the venturi effect to increase surface water velocity inside the skimmer to force floating debris inside the basket. Users no longer need to dip their hands through gunk to remove the basket. The SkimDoctor’s universal design fits all major skimmer baskets used with inground and aboveground pools, as well as aboveground pools with large skimmers. Contact: (877) 454-7546;

Vak Pak Products

The Eco Wash Backwash System by Vak Pak allows pool operators the ability to remove the used DE powder from the filter grids along with all the dirt and grime built up over the filter cycle. The system provides economic savings and greatly reduces the environmental impact over previous backwash methods by recycling the water and DE material, only disposing of the degraded material. Contact: (904) 353-4403;

Taylor Technologies

Taylor Technologies’ new hard-sided carrying case is designed to transport the TTi 2000 Colorimeter and associated water-testing supplies securely, withstanding years of use on a service route. Its rugged construction includes a waterproof, airtight, neoprene O-ring seal along the perimeter and a second gasket around the meter cavity for extra protection from vapors and liquids. It holds up to 12 colorimeter tests in their color-coded packs, or a combination of these packs and 2-ounce liquid reagents. The case measures 20 inches wide, 155/8 inches deep, and 51/2 inches high. Contact: (800) 837-8548;

Viking Spas

Viking Spas has a full line of colors featuring a new, smooth HDPE finish. The Luster Series SoftTouch surface looks like acrylic, but offers a slip-resistant feel, providing safety to hot tub users. Contact: (616) 248-7800;

Water Gear

The low-profile, anatomic design of Water Gear’s Swim Clip fits most noses to keep water out. It has polycarbonate construction for prolonged life and pressure. Hypoallergenic TRP pads provide good comfort and seal. The clip includes a carrying case for protection and storage. Contact: (800) 794-6432;

Water Tech

The Pool Blaster PRO 1500 is a battery-powered cleaner designed for pool professionals. It vacuums up debris as large as a golf ball and, with its micro-filter bags, filters debris as small as 2 microns. Lightweight and fully independent of the main pool filter, the two interchangeable batteries provide three hours of vacuuming time. Contact: (800) 298-8800;

Waterway Plastics

Waterway’s new Econo Flo VSA-165 pump, with full variable-speed (600-3450 rpm) and 1.65 total horsepower, now is fully Energy Star-rated. The pump features a programmable timer with memory backup, keypad lock-out and comes complete with 2-by-1.5-inch FPT unions and a universal adjustable base for replacement in the field without plumbing changes. Its programming flexibility allows for maximum energy savings for the pool owner. Contact: (805) 981-0262;

Zoo Noodles

Zoo Noodles are 3-in-1 float, squirter and play pals. They are constructed of soft, marine-grade UV-protected fabric, filled with aquatic-safe foam beads. Besides being lightweight, they dry quickly, last from one season to the next, float up to 200 pounds and have multisensory features that appeal to children. Contact: (919) 906-3408;