2014 New Products for Pools and Spas

Looking for something new? Check out our list of cool new products for 2014.

Top 50 Pool and Spa Products for 2013

We asked our readers to pick the products they turned to in the past year. Here, we showcase their faves.



  • Anchors Away

    A new anchor extractor kit hits the market.

  • Upping Efficiency

    In today’s economic environment, it’s easy to focus on purchasing the lowest-priced item available.

  • Image

    Heater Hazards

    Ask a pool service technician to list common on-site safety hazards, and the answers likely will include diving boards, unlocked gates, and...




Water Quality




Surfaces and Finishes

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    Consummate Craftsman

    Jimmy Reed has worked with tile since he was a pre-teen helping his neighbor.

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    Spot the Mark

    It’s an all-too-familiar story: The pool’s surface looked pristine when filling began — but a few weeks or months later, patches of small...

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    Chipping Away

    Plaster demolition work isn’t pretty. Unfortunately, this sometimes becomes too apparent in the finished product





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