My name is Mitch Brooks and I am the executive director of the National Plasterers Council Inc. NPC is the international trade association for pool and spa surface applicators and those associated with the trade. Our company, Visioneering Consultants Inc., is an association management company with expertise in nonprofit administration and fund-raising. Back in 2003, VCI was approached by NPC to manage its association. Andrew Mallison, an experienced association executive with whom I had worked previously, joined me as a business partner.

Prior to NPC selecting us in April 2003, we managed eight different Florida Swimming Pool Association chapters and the Genesis 3 Design Group. Currently, we manage the International Hot Tub Association and two chapters of FSPA. We’ve professionally served the swimming pool and spa industry for 16 years and counting. In addition, we work with other groups, including law enforcement, the environment, renewable energy and private foundations.

Some background about me: I was raised in Syracuse, N.Y. After 12 years of Catholic education, I attended and graduated from Salem College in Salem, W. Va., and attained a Bachelor’s degree in nonprofit administration, minoring in management and accounting. I love football and am a die-hard fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I love the water, and sailing is a passion. I’ve been working for several years on getting my pilot’s license. I’m also a history buff and love to travel.

I’m writing this blog for you to learn about pool surfaces. It will be a catalyst for the NPC to distribute information that it has accumulated over the years from research and sound technical practices. I am NOT going to get into debates, and I will be relying on many of our experts in the field to help me answer questions. I see most topics for the blog related to the NPC Technical Bulletin, which is periodically written to alert the industry about specific issues related to the proper installation, start-up, or daily maintenance of swimming pool or spa surfaces.

Thanks, Pool & Spa News, for this opportunity! I look forward to blogging for the industry!