Top 50 Builders MVPs

Hans Keilling, Cody Pools: Hans, our construction manager, has implemented the quality and standards that make Cody Pools who we are today. He travels all over the state of Texas to seek out and develop personnel and facilities to ensure adherence to those standards.

Victor J. Forestello, Keith Zars Pools: Vic was hired in 1996 at the young age of 73. In his years here as purchasing manager, he has proven time and time again that nothing can replace experience — and he has a lot of it! Vic keeps the construction process running smoothly by getting all materials needed for each pool in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Andy Blake,Shasta Industries: Andy began his career with Shasta Pools in 1974. He was a crucial player in the early years, leading the start of the service, renovation, retail and manufacturing divisions. He’s responsible for 14 patents and three pending patents of various pool parts specializing in circulation and cleaning. Andy is often the “go-to” man for his expertise.

Bill Watson, Presidential Pools & Spas: Bill’s ability to learn quickly combined with his understanding of what it takes to deliver on our customer satisfaction commitment made him the perfect candidate to promote to project manager from service technician. Bill excelled in his new position and was promoted to service manager, and has managed that department for the past decade through good times and bad.

Gerardo Hernandez, Claffey Pools: Gerardo’s attention to detail and uncanny ability to solve and execute the most complex of construction tasks makes him an invaluable asset. When something unconventional arises on a project, the call goes out, “Let’s get Gerardo over here!” His dedication to customer service is above reproach. He is a quiet man who just wants to do the best job he can.

John O’Keefe, J. Tortorella Swimming Pools: John is responsible for navigating the crews from start to finish and overseeing all the work so the pool is built properly. He makes the impossible possible. He goes above and beyond by helping the crews when they need it, making himself available to both the field and the office and acting as liaison to the other construction companies on the job site.

Wanda Terrell, Platinum Pools: Wanda always has a great smile on her face. She is very easy going and her willingness to help around the office is highly appreciated. In addition, the people she has suggested to hire have worked out great. We are most proud of her accomplishment of raising Platinum Pool’s BBB rating from a B- to an A .

Randy Gomes, Pulliam Aquatech Pools: Randy’s dedication to Pulliam Pools is unparalleled. His department generates considerable income annually and he always plans ahead for what is needed before it is needed. His work ethic is spectacular, and his determination to be profitable for the benefit of the company is a bonus.

Sylvester Hall, Morehead Pools: Sylvester worked his way up from laborer to assistant construction manager. His biggest asset is customer relations. He consistently gets high marks from our Guild Quality surveys. He hasn’t forgotten where he came from, as evidenced by the respect he garners from the employees that report to him.

Stephen Ade, Seasonal World: Stephen is simply one of those people who is a pleasure to have on your team. He understands that the customer is a business’ top priority. He is amazingly creative and has an unbelievable eye for small details that make a big difference in creating a great backyard. He performs difficult, highly important tasks and makes them look routine.

Julie Leventon, Premier Pools & Spas, Sacramento: From routing crews and scheduling to calling inspections, helping customers and generating work orders, Julie is the definition of a multi-tasker. She does all of this without ever missing anything! To ask her to do something is to know that it is as good as done.

Lynn Ori, Rosebrook Pools Inc.: As maintenance and service coordinator, Lynn fields all customer phone calls. She makes sure each customer’s wants and needs are attended to in a personal manner. She also works with the entire staff to ensure that schedules and inquiries are taken care of.

Mike Sorenson, California Pools: Year after year, Mike is a top performer in sales and construction. He is focused on customer service, and we get countless reports from customers who aren’t just happy with Mike, but raving fans! He always has a good attitude and supports other employees. He attends all company meetings/training even though he is a top performer.

Tom Neal, Riverbend Sandler Pools: Tom has been with our company since it was founded in 1981. His extensive knowledge of construction, management and operations is a valuable asset for us. He is the first to help with an issue or solve a problem.

Randy Wean, Premier Pools & Spas, Houston: Randy’s integrity, dedication and knowledge makes him our MVP. As general manager, he is truly a hard working employee with great leadership skills, always improving the company’s processes and procedures. For example, he created an extraordinary job costing program that has made a huge difference in how our business runs.

Randy Angell, Pool Environments Inc.: Randy’s key attention to detail and skillful ear allow him to amaze our clients time and time again. His idea of a fee-based Design Studio is a great success, allowing us to design for clients in different regions. Beyond his obvious talents, he is a kind-hearted, genuine person, the first to lend a hand wherever needed (in or outside of work).

Don Garden, All Seasons Pools: Don handles the day-to-day management of the entire company, which is an incredible task considering how many markets we are in and how many pools we are constructing. He has dedicated his career to the success of our business. We could not have had such a successful year in 2013 without him.

Gregg Pruitt, Aqua Pool & Patio: Gregg oversees all new pool construction and the quality of our pools is a direct reflection of his persistence and determination. Nothing is complete until he puts his stamp of approval on it. He began in our construction department, worked up to gunite foreman, and now is vice president of construction.

Theresa Cantu, Hamlin Pools: Theresa (middle), our office manager, is the axle that keeps the spokes of this wheel together. The many facets of the company funnel through her, making her an asset that cannot be quantified. Her organizational, management and accounting skills are second to none.

Forest Smith, Concord Pools & Spas: For 39 years, Forest has been the “Radar” for the company. He is the company’s vice president and is well respected throughout the pool industry. He puts in endless hours and is a true leader. His character and dedication is unparalleled. We are very lucky to have Forest head our team!

Keith Steinhoff, Cipriano Landscape Design: Keith leads by example. He’s one of the first into work and organizes the daily operations. He then travels to each job site and oversees daily work while problem solving issues that come up. Like a maestro with his wand, Keith is the conductor of this beautiful symphony which is Cipriano Landscape Design.

Chloe Escalante, Marquise Pools: As office manager, Chloe is responsible for meeting all of our customers’ needs, providing support to staff, and serves as the liaison between clients, subcontractors and project managers. She works diligently to ensure that each customer is highly satisfied, and is the first and last contact for all customers..

Robert “Robi” Eugster, Monogram Custom Pools: Robi started as a quality control technician 15 years ago and now is the leader of our pool construction division, single-handedly overseeing all custom pools. We went from zero to 60 pools in a just a few years, and his “do whatever it takes to keep the client happy” attitude never changed.

Ryan Richards, Armond Aquatech Pools: Ryan embraces and promotes Armond Aquatech Pools’ philosophy of integrity and professionalism. This has helped him develop and grow relationships with local landscape architects, engineers and home builders, resulting in steadily increasing sales over his 11 years of service to the company.

Antonio Vega, Caviness Landscape Design: Antonio thinks “out-of-the-box” when it comes to problem solving situations on the project site.On the construction of a two-story grotto we were building: He designed and built scaffolding that protected the integrity of construction and the detail on the design (stamping and acid staining techniques).

Luis Navarette, Geremia Pools: Luis can do just about anything in construction and repair. We use him for custom concrete, concrete repair, remodeling, etc. He does everything well and with a smile on his face. He’s also great with customers.

Donald Cesarone Jr., Van Kirk & Sons Pools & Spas: Over a span of 35 years, Don’s strong belief in the best construction practices and wholehearted commitment to the company make him a truly outstanding and rare employee. His critical role as senior commercial project manager has led to the success and growth of the firm’s commercial division.

Kevin Terry, Puryear Custom Pools: Kevin has stuck with us through thick and thin. He was supportive of our company switching directions to build gunite pools with nothing but a dream of the great company we could build. He helped us navigate through the growing pains and continues to dedicate himself to the happiness of our customers.

Andrew Everleigh, Environmental Pools Inc.: Andrew is our MVP because of his ability to grow within the business. He learned about construction from the bottom up at a young age, and has done a tremendous job working with clients and managing every phase of the projects. His proven leadership skills have led to becoming vice president this year.

Joshua Gadbois, Rising Sun Pools Inc.: Joshua is dedicated to helping the firm make sales and produce the product promised to our clients. He has an amazing personality, exudes confidence in the products we carry, and has knowledge way beyond his 10 years with us. We wouldn’t have made the Top 50 list without his hard work and dedication.

Mike Bumbaugh, Carlton Pools Inc.: Mike is a highly skilled member of our construction crew and has been with the company for more than 30 years. We would like to recognize him for his longevity and dedication to Carlton Pools. His loyalty, and that of his peers, makes us who we are.

Mike Santel, Easton Pool & Spa: Mike is lead service tech/project manager and general manager for staff. For service, he is the Dr. House of our business! No matter how complex the problem, Mike can diagnosis it, offer a solution and provide second-to-none customer service. We receive countless feedback from customers specifically because of how helpful and knowledgable Mike is.

Brad Cotton, Mission Pools Inc.: Brad wears multiple hats for the company and has been instrumental in his work and leadership during the past four difficult years of economic stress. He is responsible for the firm’s financial reporting, plus handles the accounting, legal, insurance and surety matters for all company divisions. In addition, Brad is extremely good at customer relations.

Jayne Gatano, Coast to Coast Pools: Jayne wears multiple hats and displays the perfect example of having a team attitude. She has worked extra hard to make our “machine” run smoothly and that things are handled correctly. She is a vital part to billing and communication with our weekly service customers. Her loyalty is second to none and sets an example for other employees.

Dave Vunk, Gibbons Pools Inc.: Dave Vunk has been our employee for over 30 years. His professionalism and attention to detail has earned him the respect of his supervisors, fellow employees and clients. His ability to build the simplest to the most complex jobs has made him an irreplaceable asset. The Gibbons’ family is certain that Dave’s dedication has been instrumental to the success of the company.

Mark Owens, Patio Pools & Spas: Mark has been key to ensuring that commercial, residential and remodeling jobs exceed the expectations of the customer. He figures out complex hydraulic schematics for maximum efficiency, thus reducing customers’ water and electricity consumption. He also shares ideas with equipment manufacturers on innovating their products to ensure top quality.

Jeff Hunt, Cox Pools: Jeff is a long-term, dedicated employee with knowledge of high-end, award-winning swimming pool design and construction for commercial and upscale residential pools. On his own, he has brought in $5 million in sales in 2013.

Michael Anderson, Premier Pools & Spas, San Jose: Michael is an award-winning designer and our go-to person for any questions about pool construction. Not only is he a big producer, but he also manages and mentors new hires. He generously shares his time advising new managers whenever asked. His motto is to build the best pool at the best value without cutting any corners.

Mike Ribnikar, Premier Pools & Spas, Dallas: Mike’s value to our company is not only his experience from being in the pool business for 36 years, but also the patient guidance and mentoring that he brings to our team. Mike runs the construction part of our business and manages our in-house crews and sub contractors. He works tirelessly to have the right people in place, doing the very best that they can.

Danny Wuycheck, A&G Concrete Pools Inc.: Dan’s experience in the pool industry is shown everyday as he coordinates and oversees our numerous crews and the multiple projects we have going at any given time. He has kept up with the numerous changes our industry has gone through over the years. He is an exceptional person and has no problem working side by side with his construction crews.

Chris Pesina, Hobert Pools & Spas: Chris is outstanding with his customers and has grown our monthly maintenance client base to more than 400, which contributes to the bottom line of our company. He always gives of his time and gets back to all customers immediately.

Brandy Weldy, Georgia Classic Pool: Brandy is a key member of our staff. In addition to being a very gifted designer, she handles our scheduling and customer relations. She is a main reason we have such beautiful designs to show our clients and is integral in our growing business.

Matt Miller, Hilltop Pools and Spas Inc.: Matt’s construction and design experience, as well as his technology background, makes him one of the best pool designers in the country. He has revolutionized our data systems and design processes, and directs external operations, which includes our construction program. Matt grew up in our company, starting part-time in high school, and becoming full time after college.

Mike Girard, Tampa Bay Pools Inc.: Mike is our longest tenured employee. From day 1 he has put all his effort into doing his job right and making customers happy. He answers his phone seven days a week for clients regardless of where he is. Mike is the first one in the office and the last to leave. His loyalty, devotion and knowledge has been invaluable and a large part of our success.

Bob Brucksch, Maryland Pools Inc.: Bob is the calming voice in a very busy and stressful department. Our building period is short in the spring due to inclement weather. Bob orchestrates our construction department in a professional manner that keeps employees positive and clients happy. It’s a tribute to his department when we receive our many referrals from satisfied customers.

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