#PSNSocialService: March 2014

@AthleteHomes shared this gorgeous Grecian-like indoor pool, and the pillars alone had us dreaming of days spent in this swimming paradise. But then we stumbled upon another that belongs an NBA legend. So, who did it better? The Miami heat's guard Dwyane Wade #3 or ... (continue to the next image) #PSNSocialService

...this stunning indoor pool belonging to perhaps the most famous of all basketball players, the great Michael Jordan. Thanks to @AthleteCribs we can compare this to the one Dwyane Wade gets to enjoy (shown in previous picture). What style do you like better? #PSNSocialService

Keeping with the sports theme for this edition of #PSNSocialService, we found this shot shared by @BradfordPools. Red Sox fan or not, you can't deny the awesome view this rooftop pool has of Fenway Park. #BostonStrong

Is it just us, or does this pool shared by @Bucketlist14 filled with glow sticks look more like sprinkles on a cupcake? Moreover, is this even safe? What if one of them exploded in the water? Service techs, weigh in. #PSNSocialService

@Campbellpools drove from Lincoln, Nebraska, to California for a job and braved the harsh winter weather while driving back through Wyoming. Now that's dedication! They must have been happy to return home safely to their families, and a hot cup of cocoa (or Irish Coffee). #PSNSocialService

@EARTHPICS has us wondering how many pool builders out there are constructing mini waterparks for their customers. Sure, this one is extreme (and perhaps a bit dated), but it certainly can spark some innovative design ideas. Have you delved into this arena yet? If so, show us your work. Tweet your images with the hashtag #PSNSocialService.

@TopInventions wows with this shot of a glass pool balcony. We wonder if this is real. How would one even begin to construct it? Equally awesome and scary. Would you swim in this? #PSNSocialSocial

@TheRetronaut takes us back to June 1966 when astronauts from Apollo 1, the first manned mission of the U.S. Apollo manned lunar landing program, trained for their launch set for February 21, 1967. Sadly, it never happened. All three crew members died in a cabin fire during a launch rehearsal test. #PSNSocialService

@ETaylor889 retweeted this shot originally posted by @ldemarcofox5, who somehow got wind of Contemporary Watercrafters' stash of pool salt that could be used to melt snow. And the folks living in the Gaithersburg, Md., region sure needed it after they winter they have had. #PSNSocialService

Lately, social media outlets have been abuzz with #lifehacks, but this one shared by @SwimTips hits home for us. How else would you protect the toes from getting pinched on a trampoline? What a great selling point to liquidate an overstock of pool noodles! #PSNSocialService

First, we'd like to congratulate @solar_breeze for figuring out how to share images on Twitter. Hopefully they will post more in the future, and also tag them with #PSNSocialService. Second, we're glad they did because we now get to see the majesty of this natural pool set against such plush scenery.

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