#PSNSocialService: June Edition

@CarltonPools got into the #TBT spirit with this gem that takes us back a few decades. It's nice to see people smiling so heartily even while lifting heavy equipment. #PSNSocialService

@pluspoolny is excited about the progress being made on the world's first water-filtering floating pool in New York. Read the latest @poolspsanews coverage of the project here, then follow the group for updates on the historic crowd-funded pool. #PSNSocialService

Sure we're biased, but we think this dog pool shared by @GAMEdesignsfun is an excellent idea. Afterall, dogs are part of the family and should be able to enjoy the backyard, too! #PSNSocialService

With the harsh winter behind us and a recovering economy, lifestyle products like grills and furniture are picking up in sales, and it looks like @MindofQuinn is ready. #PSNSocialService

@OasisPoolSpaWPG has hit the nail on the head with this one. This definitely is a spectacular infinity pool. Almost too good to be true. #PSNSocialService

Work hard. Eat hearty. And tweet about it! Looks like @puryearpools has friends in important places, like the local sandwich joint. Yum! #PSNSocialService

@JoanneKMcClain, managing editor of @poolspanews, gives a much deserving shout-out to a pool service tech who had no qualms about giving mouth-to-mouth to a drowning baby squirrel. Let's all give a round of applause to Rick Gruber! #PSNSocialService

@timexdurand10, co-owner of Pioneer Pools in Toronto, has a good sense of humor when it comes to his customers' outlandish requests. #PSNSocialService

@poolspanews editorial director @ETaylor889 sure has a keen eye for design. Just look at this exotic water feature she discovered by @tomatlandscape! Have a stellar project you'd like to share with us? Tweet it to @poolspanews and include #PSNSocialService in your post.

Another #TBT brought to us by @STLPoolGuy. Anyone else still have one of these signs in their showroom? Show us your stuff. Tweet your image and mark your post with #PSNSocialService.

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