#PSNSocialService: February 2014

Couldn't help but kick off this edition with a shout out to this year's Super Bowl Champions, the Seattle Seahawks. Some folks in the winning team's state, including Twitter user @LindziCoxfvuqexdwdvttz, felt compelled to celebrate with an evening swim. Cheers to these brave souls for using their pool even in the wintry cold. #PSNSocialService

Believe it or not, this doozy retweeted by @poolspanews editorial director @ETaylor889 via @PoolPro2691 is not doctored! Have you ever encountered such an outlandish plumbing job in your travels? Better yet, did you take a photo of it? If so, share it on Twitter and be sure to include #PSNSocialService in your comment. #PSNSocialService

As we recently reported, attendees of Atlantic City Pool & Spa Show in January discovered a new look and name for the 33rd annual event. @NE_Spa_Pool shared the refreshing new logo, seen here, which reflects the vibe of the renamed event: The Pool & Spa Show powered by the Northeast Spa and Pool Association. Nice work! #PSNSocialService

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays ... @RubarocCanada from attending The Pool & Spa Show powered by the Northeast Spa and Pool Association last month. Glad to see they made it to and from Atlantic City safely. #PSNSocialService

Ever since this music-themed violin pool by New Jersey-based PSN Top 50 Builder  Cipriano Landscape Design garnered a Gold Award from @TheAPSP in late 2013, photos, like this one shared by @Funinventions, have been making their rounds in cyberspace, especially on Twitter. And with nearly 150,000 followers, @Funinventions likely has given Cipriano some nice exposure for its unique design. #PSNSocialService

From Liberace's pool in the form of a  grand piano to the award-winning one we just showed you cleverly designed like a violin, pools shaped in the form of objects is not new. But it's still fun when you come across one, like this picture shared by @BsballPlayers. It's certain to hit a homerun for fans of the sport. Have you even designed a pool with an unusual shape or design? If so, we want to know. #PSNSocialService

@PoolSupplyWorld shows us what it would be like to have just about the coolest bedroom ever. Could be dangerous for sleepwalkers, though! #PSNSocialService

We're really digging this aerial shot @SPASDartmouth shared of some pools lining a few blocks in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Although the average temperature there in August hovers around 17 degrees Celsius (about 64 Fahrenheit), folks there still seem to enjoy their backyards. Wonder if they're heated pools... #PSNSocialService

Several questions come to mind when we look at this picture shared by @AbandonedPict of the pool inside Iron Mike Tyson's abandoned Ohio mansion. For starters, how does this even happen? And how long did it take for the new owners to clean up the mess? One photographer captured a ton of images back in 2007 of the pool and other areas of the 5-bedroom mansion and also outlined what he believes led to the demise of the property after Tyson filed for bankruptcy and abandoned the home in the late 90s. Read the unusual story and view the gallery  here. #PSNSocialService

@JasonLeeDesign shows us how he is bringing his vision for this outdoor oasis to life. We'd love to see the finished product. Have some nice Before and After shots of your work? Let us know! #PSNSocialService

Pool meets Pop Art in this one shared by @FastCoDesign. Sadly, this swimming pool area by Danish designer Verner Panton in 1969 was destroyed by a fire but the image lives on as an example of just how magical swimming pools can be. #PSNSocialService

The cleanup from this 1960s hot tub party must have been fun, although probably not as fun as the party itself. Of course, safety should always be at the top of the list. But it looks like Coors and chicken fighting were more important to the folks enjoying their backyard getaway in this picture shared by @ThatsHistory. #PSNSocialService

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