#PSNSocialService: April 2014

If you don't already follow  @passion4spas, you should. This clever and comical post had us laughing, so we headed on over to the user's feed to see what really was happening. Part jokes, part inspiration and part business, it's the perfect example of how to use Twitter. If you like what you find, be sure to RT a post here and there, and help spread the joy of hot tubs globally. #PSNSocialService

@eztestpools has a good eye for design. This hot tub features the perfect blend of tile and glass, drawing the eye in with warm blue tones. Have you built a spa with similar features? If so, we'd love to see your work. Be sure to share your images on Twitter and include #PSNSocialService in your post. In the meantime, perhaps this beauty will serve as inspiration for your next custom project.

@allswimltd is excited about the progress made on this pool in the UK, and the company should be. The more pools built, whether here or overseas, the better it is for the industry as a whole. We'd love to see the finished product. Hopefully a photo will get posted on Twitter, stamped with #PSNSocialService. Good luck with the rest of the install!

@poolspanews editorial director @ETaylor889 sure knows how to pick them. This  modern geometric home wouldn't be complete without the clean lines of this sophisticated and sleek swimming pool.  The shining example of pool perfection really has us excited for our upcoming 2014 Masters of Design Awards, to be announced in the August 15 issue. In the meantime, catch up on some winners from years' past at poolspanews.com/mastersofdesign. #PSNSocialService

So far, we've seen pools in the shape of a violin, a baseball field, even a foot. But we couldn't resist this tasty treat shared by @SwimTips. The Ice Cream "Sweet Water" swimming pool at the Sweet Escape 10-bedroom estate just outside Orlando, Fla., is allegedly the only one of its kind in the world. Check out more pictures and read all about the unique property here. It could just prepare you for the next time one of your customers asks you for a really unique pool design! #PSNSocialService

Just when we thought we'd seen it all with the ice cream-themed pool in Orlando, we stumbled upon this gem shared by @NeillHall. Turns out the feline-formed pool seen here actually dates back to the 50s. The image originally was captured by mid-century photographer Slim Aarons at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Maimi Beach, Fla. Can you imagine the likes of Jerry Lewis soaking in this? #PSNSocialService

@LewBluePools took the opportunity to show off the before and after shots of a 25-year-old pool redo. But the firm doesn't stop there. The Norfolk, Va.-based company enjoys sharing an array of interesting photos, from crazy plumbing jobs to wiring disasters. Head on over to the feed today and see for yourself what discoveries the team recently has made on the job. #PSNSocialService

@SwimNerds couldn't help geeking out with this shot of his pool cover post storm. Whether this one gives you chills thinking about the allergies an insect as large as this could cause, or it reminds you of a 1950s insect horror film gone bad (wait, are any of Them! really good?), the photo deserves points for uniqueness. #PSNSocialService

While some use Twitter to announce a new pool dig, others, like @InfinityPoolsTX, take to the social networking site to tout a job done. The builder isn't shy about sharing photos on its feed, either, and this is but one of many to be featured. Nice job! Keep up the good work. #PSNSocialService

It's always nice to receive a compliment, especially when it comes from a peer. And @PoolSupplyWorld doesn't hold back with this one, delivered publicly to Concord Pool & Spa. So we're returning the gesture with this shout-out. Thanks for setting a good example for the industry! Oh yeah, and nice work with #Splashtag. We like it. #PSNSocialService

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