Look out below. Literally. This pool shared by @LUXURYPICTURES with a see-through bottom makes the perfect source of shade for those relaxing on the patio. #PSNSocialService

@tmisaltpurecorp shared this image on Twitter of a pool in Germany surrounded by what looks at first glance like perfectly smooth hardscape in a creamy chocolate color but sadly is muddy flood water. #PSNSocialService

This pool shared by   @lavishlifepics appears to be the best place to watch Super Bowl XLVIII #PSNSocialService.

@garyhohne  knows people love pics of animals in pools. And these pugs take the cake this week! #PSNSocialService

@Earth_Pics9  calls this pool seen through the basement of the adjacent home "awesome," and we have to agree. Clearly see-through glass pool panels are gaining in popularity. PSNSocialService

We can't even begin to imagine the pool parties that take place at Derek Jeter's home, but like   @AthleteHomes  suggests, they are likely "over the top." #PSNSocialService

@Learnhardscape  asked its followers for an opinion of this waterfall feature. How do you feel about the design? #PSNSocialService

While the   @poolspanews  crew is lucky enough to enjoy the warm winter L.A. weather, we can't help but feel for those who are suffering during the Polar Vortex of 2014. The harsh weather is certain to impact thousands of pools and other waterfeatures throughout the country, including famous landmarks like the pool in front of  @LincolnCenter . #PSNSocialService

@poolspanews  editorial director   @ETaylor889  couldn't resist sharing this eerie yet captivating shot of a reflecting pool at an abandoned estate in Florida. Such a shame for this place to go to waste. #PSNSocialService

Wonder how long it takes to get to the top of this insane pool slide? Either way, it's a "stunning" design, says   @HousesBest . #PSNSocialService

There's definitely a double entendre in this one shared by   @healthypools . #PSNSocialService


@SwimTips  shows us that Illuminating a pool easily can be accomplished with unique floating LED light balls. #PSNSocialService

We first saw   @Hydrofloors_com  during the 2013   @poolspapatio  expo, but now the product has clearly caught the eye of Twitter user   @MILLIONAIRE . #PSNSocialService

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