Liner Notes

In the world of vinyl-liner pools,vanishing edges are becoming more popular. The weir walls themselves are made from concrete and veneered with stone or tile. The liner is brought up the wall inside the pool.

To create a vanishing edge on this vinyl-liner pool (above), Concord Pools built the two walls pictured here from concrete, with the weir seen on the right. Panels are used for the other walls (left). The catch basin is then formed with panels on three sides, which are bolted to the concrete vanishing-edge wall (right).

Integrated steps and benches, such as the ones shown above, not only have become increasingly popular because of their seamless look, but also are available in varying configurations. Builders make them from supplied steel panels or poured concrete, then order customized liners that fit over the steps or benches.

After a decade in which free-form pools became ever more popular in the vinyl-liner format, rectangular pools are on the upswing. Builders credit modern architectural tastes and rising demand for automatic covers, and say these simple forms can be every bit as interesting as their curvier cousins.

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